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Monster Squad

I met my friend Luke when his brother stuck me with him; we’ve been geeking out over comics ever since. I met my friend Adam at a church youth conference; I have seen more off-beat movies with him than anyone else to date. Jonathan Lee I stumbled into during my wild days; now I watch him earn rank and crack jokes on Call of Duty. John, I was introduced to via Luke’s same absentee brother (LoL, love ya Just); and now we not only blog for the same site, we also frequent FanExpo! The point I’m trying to make is I know what it is to be a nerd, and I know what it is to have friends who embrace that same life-path.

This past Saturday I returned to my sacred hideout, TIFF Bell Lightbox. Earlier this year the folks over at TIFF began a throwback series titled, “Back to the 80’s.” This retro-multi-month-film-fest is filled with classics for every Goonie and Gremlin out there. After studying the selections I drafted up a schedule, informed some friends, and when Febuary 19th rolled around… went to see Monster Squad.

Monster Squad was overlooked by everyone who wasn’t a complete nerd growing up. Congrats to all of you responsible adults. The rest of us D&D dice throwing weirdo’s loved this movie, and watched it endlessly.

The plot was simple, and after seeing it crackle on the big-screen, it still is sweetly so. Basically, Dracula has escaped the grave in hopes of breaking Van Helsing’s curse. To insure his success he calls forth Wolfman, and raises the Creature, Frankenstein, and a Mummy from the abyss.

With the forces of evil aimed at Middle-America the Western World’s only hope is a group of kids: The Monster Squad! From the brief but memorable Fred Dekker library, this is a movie every kid at heart should see.

I’m glad I got the chance to go with two of those fellow fanboys mentioned above. I’m hoping to see a few more of you when we go see the Dark Crystal next.

Be Kind: Rewind with My Life at the Movies.


  • Anonymous

    I know Goonies is the sacred youth movie, and hey, I agree!
    That said, this is by far my fav kids experience ever! I’ll never forget wanting to chill with the boys and hang with Frankenstein as a youth!
    Glad i went and saw this flick at the Lightbox.
    Good job!

    • Anonymous

      This is definitely up there with Goonies, there is no question. It’s a little more ambitious with the paranormal, but that’s wherein it finds it’s charm. It’s unfortunate the cast didn’t get to explore their careers very far.
      Nevertheless, seeing it on the big screen was awesome… especially when the reel cut right before those three important words… WHAT WERE THEY???

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    WOW! This is amazing. Great pictures BTW.

    Tidbit about Chris Elliott: At one point in my life, I could recite the entire script to this movie word-for-word. No exaggeration. I actually love it. This was one of the movies that brought me and my brother together as kids. We watched it at least 100 times. Literally. Bravo. I gotta see this again soon.

    “How’s it goin’ HOR-ASS”

    • Anonymous

      He cocked that shotgun like a champ! I wish I would have known you loved this, you could have came along. It was so cool to see it on the big screen, dusty old reel and all. You should def come along for Dark Crystal… if not THE LAST STAR FIGHTER!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    It was so good seeing it again… then getting it 2 days later on Blu-ray!!! Can’t wait for Dark Crystal. The TBL is my favorite theatre in the city – love a few drinks at “Luma” then walking the plank!! Good piece Jon

    • Anonymous

      Thanks buddy… and agreed on the Lightbox. It is what I always dreamed a theater would be… one where I’m celebrated for owning a Blackberry, LOL! Seriously though the Lightbox, Bloor Cinema, Scotiabank, and Varsity are in the lead for best theater in the city. Starting in the fall I’ll be doing “The Road to the Golden Babies,” and best cinema will be amongst the awards paving the way. I still gotta visit a few more theaters (like the Royal) before I make my mind up. Lot’s of time left though.

      New MLatM coming tonight…. Phil Ochs!

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