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As a child baseball was my favorite sport. While the Atlanta Braves grew to become my favorite team, Ryan Sandberg had already established himself as the first career I cared to follow. I collected cards: Topps, Donruss, and the illustrious Upper Deck. My passion pinnacled in the summer of 93’ when I was sent to Fresno California to live with my Uncle John. I spent a couple of those weeks off in the Sierra’s playing sandlot baseball. The memory is a fond one still. That memory and several others came back the other night when I saw the film, Moneyball.

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, (a book by Michael Lewis). Published in 2003 and thereafter developed into a film by Oscar nominated director Bennett Miller. It is the story of Billy Beane and the 2002 Oakland A’s. It is a sports’ film infused with romantic ideals. Furthermore it is a non-fiction fairytale with extensive MLB licensing.

The script is penned by Columbia’s in-house giants, Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin having just won an Oscar for writing The Social Network will  be returning to the circle of nominee’s this year. However, I feel the picture’s greatest strength rests upon the shoulders of its lead. Brad Pitt hasn’t been this impressive since Fight Club. Herein he defines the archetype of “lead actor,” and does so backed by the Great American Narrative. Acted out using the old American past time it has me not only thinking this may be movie of the year, but also pumped up for the post season.

My Braves will be going in underdogs, and my rally cap will be waving. Maybe this year will be like what it was for my big brother last year. Maybe my team will win. No matter what I’ll enjoy the entertainment with family. Like the film in discussion delivers via its sentiments, “it’s hard not to get romantic about baseball.”  So here’s to the double-headers, 7th innings stretches, and hot-dog vendors. Here’s to fresh cut grass, the love of the game, and those that care to leave a legacy.

Cheers from me and my life at the movies.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    Great blog man! I’m hoping to check this movie out next Tuesday, so stoked to see it. How was Jonah Hill in the film?

    • Anonymous

      Really good. It is easily up for movie of the year (for mlatm at least). It is a flawless film that enjoys silence and bright lights, baseball and family. Let me know what you think when you see it.

  • Chris Elliott

    Awesome blog dude. I can’t WAIT to see this movie. I saw the trailer about 2 months ago, and ever since, I’ve been intrigued. I must say, I’m not the biggest Pitt fan, but he has often surprised me. Just reading those opening sentences in this piece’s intro, has me reflecting on my childhood. Cheering for Joe Carter (my uncle). Chills. Thanks for this dude!

    • Anonymous

      Glad you enjoyed. I remember those Joe Carter years as well… I was doin the tomahawk chop and the Braves chant… sadly they lost. 

      Let me know what you think of the movie when you see it. 

      • Chris Elliott

        Will do. I’m going to see it this week, I think.
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  • Anonymous

    It’s gonna be tough not seing my team in the playoffs this year, last year was such a dream.

    As for the film as you know I read the book and the script as well.  I still have not seen the film but most defenitely plan on doing so.

    Nice job.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks :)

      You are going to love. BTW I almost had a heart-attack last night, this wild card race is KILLING me!

  • http://twitter.com/ryanhancock9 Ryan Hancock

    First of all, I thought it was incredibly ironic that you were writing about the Braves’ chances in the playoffs in this blog and then the Cardinals went on their tear to sneak in and then win the championship, just unreal!

    As for Moneyball, never a huge Brad Pitt fan, but he did an amazing job playing Billy Beane. I thought the film was really good, but for me, it seems to drag on and then the ending was rather abrupt. It just felt very rushed at the end, and I think they could have used their time more wisely. Still a great film regardless, and certainly on my top 5 of the year. I found it awesome that I remembered everything that happened in the film (Giambi and Damon leaving, the 20 game winning streak, etc.) Great blog homie!

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