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Money Boy

Well, I’ve finally reached my breaking point. Upon penning my first entry in this blog, I vowed to steer clear from negative journalism and focus strictly on writing about what inspired me. However, I deem this the perfect opportunity to break my own rules and finally go in. Meet Money Boy:

If you spend as many tiresome hours on Worldstar as I do, you quickly run through anything of obvious quality and begin to experiment with new artists. A little over a year ago, I had the distinct privilege of coming across the outlandish and ludicrous visuals of German rapper, Money Boy. In my 13 years of hip hop education, never have I seen an act quite like this.

Money Boy is the face definition of the 90′s term “Wigger”. Physically he is your stereotypical white-boy-trying-to-be-black. Lyrically, he has the depth and skill of a 4th grader. Sonically he sounds like me and my buddies unsuccessfully making rap records in my mom’s basement 8 years ago. The first conclusion you will draw upon viewing one of his videos is ‘this has got to be a joke’. Sorry folks! Unfortunately this is the real article. Hailing from freaky-deaky Germany, this man has been serious about his rap career for quite some time. Although his lyrics indefinitely ignite hysteric laughter, it’s the visuals that really showcase his unintended comedic appeal. In recent years, Money ‘The Lyrical Potato Gun’ Boy has made dozens of music videos, all of which feature the exact same things:

1) Extremely tacky colorways of designer clothing that was popular 4 years before whenever the video was shot

2) A few pieces of whack-middle-of-the-mall-bang-bang-knock-off jewelry of which he has no idea how to wear

3) 2 or 3 scantily clad Euro-trash-bust-downs that look genuinely disappointed in themselves for what they’re doing.

As previously stated, I do not like to write negative articles, but the opportunity to expose this clown was simply too tempting. Below are a few of his weirdo-German-piss-boy masterpieces. Watch this fuck-stick awkwardly parade around his green screen sets!

I hate this man.

As an added bonus, I’ve included some great links from his totally thuggin’ Twitter page!


Vampire Life

What’s Beef?


  • Anonymous

    I can’t even hate… this guy makes me laugh too much to hate. LOL!

    So funny slime, and well delivered on your part.

    • Chris Elliott

      ahahaha So true. The more I look at this guy, the more it’s becomes difficult to even take him seriously. A treasure of the industry for sure. ahahah

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Instead of Jingle bells… Lick my balls.. instead of Merry Christmas… We get Bitches. Remix?

    • Chris Elliott

      You guys need to jump on a track together. I’ll watch his euro-hoes.

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