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My life at the movies is officially fifty! In less than seven months I’ve managed to push my way into the blogosphere and introduce myself to my geeky compatriots. I’ve established a style and been given a reputation for finding the good in all movies. Furthermore, I’ve been able to create a world wherein I can be creative, cathartic… and completely myself.

It’s all been incredibly enjoyable! I experienced my first Tiff Festival, became a regular at numerous theaters, and found my cinematic voice. In addition to all the blessings this blog brings it’s also aided my friendships, (both new and old). So with this, the 50th MLatM blog, I want to provide my readers friends with some insight into this ongoing project.

Lately I’ve begun to expand beyond current theatrical releases by creatively including past films into the fold. I began with those “Double Feature” posts; write ups wherein two seemingly distant flicks are brought together via a story from my life. Then there were the “Blu Moon” blogs; pieces referencing nights in with friends and the Special Edition discs we enjoyed. For my evenings in alone I even created “My Life: On Demand.” Lastly, there’s my latest endeavor, something I refer to as #mlatmoments.

Since getting a twitter account MLatM has found additional life in my tweets. Those following me (@mrletmeknow) may have noticed the hashtag #mlatmoments followed by a YouTube link. By clicking these links you’ll find movie clips I’ve been able to connect with and learn from. Hence, My Life at the Movies… Moments ;)

Their appearance is sporadic and their purpose is poignant. Here are a few introductory examples:

Like anyone I know the pain that is the “pressure to perform”; I know what it is to be drowning in what feels like failure. The other day I was overwhelmed by what was just said, and thereafter comforted by the clip above.

I’m a brooding and dark little writer… how original! That aside, when I’m in the dumps I often think of those I love to calm my mind and make me smile. This clip makes me think of my mother, and as I sing along I know that no matter where I am… I’m home.

Then there is [THIS ONE] a moment that has possessed my mind for weeks; a moment that gets to the core of my love and my life at the movies.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    This was a very nice little wrap up my brother! Very nice summary of your accomplishments. You’ve done great things, and they’ve more than paid off.

    Sidenote: I watched the 1st clip. I’ll say this: Not bad at all. I was actually kind of stunned. You may be on to something.

    • Anonymous

      That’s my boy Keanu! The third (non-embedded) link is the most overwhelming for me of the three. However, “The Replacments” link popped into my head during a serious personal crisis a few days back. It really helped get things into perspective for me, and that is the point of #mlatmoments … that is the point of this whole blog, to reach people, relate to them, and bring back the joy of cinema :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s been a cool ride. I’m a big fan of the series and it is by far your best (in my eyes). Good luck on your way to 100!

    • Anonymous

      Thx big bro! It has been a bit of a roller-coaster, but the ride I feel is only just beginning. I have so much left to do. The point is not to review movies every week, but to make the most creative and enjoyable movie blog on the triple-w. I’ve only begun to realize recently how the brand is really still in it’s infancy… not even old enough to walk yet really ;)

      We gotta do a “Blu Moon” night again soon. I’ve been Blu Ray hunting a lot recently for a new special edition gem.

  • KWgirl

    So your dad walked in as I was playing the Tiny Dancer clip…he said, “What is it? The 1970′s again?” Cracked me up. Love the 70′s music, it was after all when we were teenagers. Lots of fabulous movies came out of that decade. So what movie was Tiny Dancer from? I love just about anything that Keanu Reeves is in….loved The Replacements:)
    I’m loving that you are looking for the positive in ALL movies, I go to dream and escape. If it was reality, why would anyone want to go?

    • Anonymous

      And people wonder why I am the way I am… READ MY MOM’S COMMENT :) Anyways, thanks for that mom, because enjoying movies is what me and my life at the movies is all about. The “Tiny Dancer” clip is from Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous.” It’s a pseudo-biographical work about a kid writing for Rolling Stone in the 70′s. Also, a ton of great movies came out in the 70′s… you introduced me to many of them… including my all time fav 70′s flick “Logan’s Run.”

      I also love that you love Keanu… my all time fav actor! People hate when I say that, (like it takes away from my credibility). He is a dark brooding Canadian… I find similarities there :) — The movie that clip is from is “The Replacements” — one of the greatest sports movies to date :)

      LOVE YOU MOM!!!

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