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True Grit/2001: A Space Odyssey

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It was during my 2nd year at UVSC wherein my passion for writing was reignited. I was taking a “Fantasy Lit.” course and the final class assignment was to write our own narrative, (mythology and all). Traditionally it was a group assignment, but being the stubborn mule that I am I asked if I could go at it alone.

After acquiring the permission to do exactly that I decided to attempt rewriting the Adam & Eve lore; combine it with some story elements from Guilty Gear; comic book imagery from a variety of titles; and scored it all in the grammatical trappings of a dystopian novel.  It was a weird futuristic tale called “Eden,” and it was equipped with my classic tragic romance. I thought it was over ambitious and crazy… but people loved it! So much so that the entire class had the teacher make copies of it for them to take home.

***True Grit***

The concept I am attempting to highlight here is, “Talent.” I’m not saying that is something I have, but rather that I’ve been recognized as having. In turn I recognize that the Coen brothers are individuals equipped with an obscene amount of talent!

Their latest film, “True Grit,” is a remake of the John Wayne Oscar-classic. It’s a grittier take on the original, (pun intended) but like any Coen brothers’ picture the brilliance rests in the writing. The interactive character dialog is infectious. From Jeff Bridges whiskey drinking US Marshall, to Barry Peppers toothy outlaw the grit was well endowed and effectually recited. The soul was spouted via the vocals of Hailee Steinfeld and the stammerings of Matt Damon.  All in all it’s a talented cast rehearsing a talented script.

***2001: A Space Odyssey***

When it comes to the greatest films in history I can think of none greater than this. After seeing True Grit a friend and I went to see 2001 A Space Odyssey in theater. Thanks to the lovely staff and supporters of TIFF: Bell Lightbox the movie is back on the screen in glorious 70mm film.

Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of space not only remains the greatest moving image to date, it has now become a treasured day at the cinema that I will never forget. When it comes to talent Kubrick is one for the ages, and his ‘2001’ retelling was his greatest means of flexing that fact.


The Coen brothers and Stanley Kubrick have been and remain great teachers in talent. This week at the theater I got to sit back and enjoy these masters at their craft. Being a master is something I aspire to and work towards with every blog and piece I write. It all started with this story I wrote in the 2nd grade, but I’ll save that for another my life at the movies ;)


  • Anonymous

    GOAT director of all time, Stanley Kubrick and Sergio Leone! Love Kubricks flick, guy was a genius and a perfectionist.

    Gotta see True Grit, thatl’l be a rental fo shizzle.

    • Anonymous

      Dude can’t wait to hit up some TIFF: Bell Lightbox. Including: Dark Crystal; Krull; Monster Squad; and The Last Starfighter. It’s gonna be crazy!!!

  • Chris Elliott

    A fine example of 2 movies I definitely need to check out. Nice reviews. Holler back brotha!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! We are going to see a flick at Bloor Cinema tonight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-vdVgiytEo) it’s called “I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin.” –> Come through so you don’t have to miss this one. We also have a ton of other classics on the agenda. 100 Movies this year!!!

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