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MLatM Double Feature

Double Feature: a motion picture industry phenomenon in which theatre managers would exhibit two films for the price of one.

MLatM Double Feature: a Dreamland first wherein our readership is offered two MLatM’s in one blog.

***Winter’s Bone***

In life there are problems we are born into and problems we are born with. With regards to problems I was born into, there is none more obvious than distance. My family is scattered across the globe. Though there are times when many of us get together there has never been a time wherein we all have.

We’re an ambitious bunch who all travel different life paths. I, like the rest of my family, live in one of the world’s big cities chasing one of life’s big dreams. However, having been on my own for so long I’ve learned the value of independence. Because when there is no one else to do it I’ve either learned the craft or lived without it.

Independence is the central theme behind Winter’s Bone and it’s lead; Ree Dolly is a seventeen year old girl forced to take care of her broken family. Her quest to solve their problems leads her to one of the darkest enlightenments I’ve ever witnessed. For she not only learns the difficulties of self-reliance, she learns the gloom of solitude.

In a way I’ve learned the same. Being born into a situation that promotes your dreams doesn’t mean the pressure is always bearable.

***The King’s Speech***

The greatest problem I was born with is anxiety. Though we all experience this to some degree, mine too often becomes crippling. When I was younger it would keep me locked behind doors for days; it still inhibits my social interactions and plagues those I love. However, I continue to work on recognizing and resolving this ongoing issue.

The King’s Speech stars one of my favorite actors, Colin Firth. It is the story of King George VI and his struggle to overcome his speech impediment in a time of war. Hitler is at the gates, his family is on his back, and a terrifying future is in front of him. Nevertheless, George finds the strength to work through these struggles, and on himself.

Both Firth’s performance and George’s story touched me deeply. You see I know I have serious anxiety issues. I know the trouble they cause and the relationships they damage. I also know there is no use in giving up or giving in just because it’s easy. Like George I know the fight is worth it.


Ree Dolly & King George the VI: two people, two hardships, two valued teachers. Whether you’re born with it or into it never give up fighting. I know I won’t. And to all my loved ones… thanks for never giving up on me and my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    Saw Winter’s Bone with the wife the other day and I was DEEPLY touched by the characters courage. Not a courage where you blast a gun or save a man from a burning building but a courage of a debilitating family responsibilty. UNREAL MOVIE and I hope the panel does not ever-look this gem.

    I too suffered from social anxiety and especial; public speaking. Can’t wait to see this movie!

    • Anonymous

      You will love “The King’s Speech,” Colin Firth is brilliant as usual. As for “Winter’s Bone” it is getting an MLatM “Golden Baby” award, but what for will be a surprise.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    Awesome post G. I would like to see both of these. I can definitely relate the the anxiety tip though. It’s something I’ve personally struggled with for years.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a problem we all have, and I think the reason we all write. For me at least I know that I am most honest in written form because I struggle to find strength in the moment too often. Glad you liked the post… I’m hoping the “Double Feature” idea goes over well ;)

  • sabrina

    great blog jon.
    glad to be one of the first to read a MLatM double feature, whoop whoop !!

    • Anonymous

      Ya I might do one more MLatM tomorrow on “Flipped.” You would love that movie. Next week is the MLatM Awards!!! YAY!!! I’ve been working on them for months, but everything is ready to go.

      • sabrina

        woooo i’m SUPER excited for that :-D

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