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Midnight Son

Halloween Month: a horror filled adventure embarked upon every October by me, myself, and I. As a fan of all things gruesome I dedicated an entire month last fall to horror films. Unfortunately there’s been a shortage of zombies, ghosts, and ghouls this year. North American theaters are bone dry on blood and vomit. Thank God for the underground ;)

Toronto Underground Cinema is currently hosting the city’s annual scare-a-thon, Toronto After Dark. This prideful bit of B-movie culture expands into the realms of Sci-Fi, Action, and Cult of course. However, with my mission in mind Horror was the focus.

Last night my brother John and I caught a vampire film titled, “Midnight Son.” Wow! With a shoe-string budget and an unknown cast, writer/director Scott Leberecht re-imagined the timeless monster brilliantly. Leberecht’s career began as a hired hand for Industrial Light and Magic’s illustrious visual effects team. Midnight Son marks his first feature length independent endeavor, and it’s certainly impressive.

Jacob is the film’s focus. An artistic twenty-four year old who works nights as a security guard. Afflicted with a rare skin disease he hasn’t seen the sun in years. On the cusp of his twenty-fifth birthday, and the end of his human growth cycle, Jacob develops an unexplainable thirst for blood. As he once learned to avoid the sun to survive, he learns anew to accept the demands of his hunger. while acquiescing into bags of plasma he meets the love of his life, Mary. It is from there that the plot explodes.

The vampire is an immortal romantic, but his Libra scales are balanced by his curse. His animalistic need for human blood competes against his heart’s desire for companionship. On either side of this balancing act there is the threat of others, vampire killers. There truly is no rest for the wicked.

Midnight Son embodies this mythos and more. By setting it in modern day Los Angeles, and darkening its tones with somber notes, the movie offers up a refreshing bloodsucker. It’s October, I’m the most romantic in October. Thank God for the vampire and the metaphors it fleshes out. Thank God for this film and it’s blood my heart was hoping for. Cheers to the brooding biter from me and my life at the movies.


  • Chris Elliott

    Great review, dude! I’m on a more ‘wait and see’ stand-point with Vampire movies, as of late, however I like what you said about this one. All I can say, is I hope it wasn’t a censored piece of sterile trash like Twilight. I want a really gritty Vampire flick. One almost like “interview with the vampire”, but more bold. I crave shock lol 

    • Anonymous

      Though I personally am a fan of Twlight I see your point, and this movie is fitting for what you want. The problem will be finding it. It is an indie flick, let’s wait and see if someone buys up the distribution rights and ships some copies here.

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