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Midnight In Paris

Chris Elliott: Well, it’s been confirmed once again. Not only is Woody Allen (in my humble opinion) the best writer/director of all time, but at the age of 75, he still has it. His brilliance, has once again found its way onto the silver screen in his newest masterpiece Midnight In Paris.

He’s done the romantic comedies, the satires and the murder mysteries. All of which have been inspiring, enlightening and engaging. For his first fairytale, he has truly pushed his own personal limits as a filmmaker. The city of Paris has been depicted in thousands of cinematic works over the years, however there is something about the way this particular piece was shot, that resonates with me so much more. The picturesque streets, quaint restaurants and breathtaking art galleries provide the perfect setting for this quirky love story.

The enchanting lights of Paris are only out-shone by the brilliant actors selected by Allen’s longtime casting director Juliette Taylor. Owen Wilson, who plays Gill Penders, provides the perfect adaptation of an accomplished Hollywood writer, that is no longer satisfied with spewing out gutless jargon that blankets the masses. Gill’s moments of literary anguish throughout the day, are strangely rectified by a series of notable midnight encounters, that contrary to the wishes (and belief) of his egocentric fiance (Rachel McAdams), lead him to his true passion.

Upon seeing this movie with my dear friend Jon Godfrey and the lovely Natalie Deane, I have been inspired and bedazzled by the ever-existing magic of cinema. Thanks to a great cast, an amazing writer/director and the most beautiful city in the entire world, Midnight In Paris has definitely become, one of my favorite movies of all time.

Jon Godfrey: It was an amazing film, that is without question. So much so that I’ve nominated it for two Golden Babies: Best Film and Best Director of Photography. However, if I could nominate it for any award of my choosing it would be “Best City.”

Without question I love my home turf. Toronto is my humble abode and I feel blessed to call it so. However, I left my heart in Paris. With every frame that flickered before my eyes I reminisced about my affection for those ancient and holy grounds.

When I was young I passed by its borders. A few years ago I spent some significant and memorable time there. Yet, I call it my sanctum sanctorum for reasons beyond my brief visits. Like I said, I left my heart there… and I pray one day I’ll be blessed to get it back. Cryptic I know, but though the depths are personal the message should suffice. I loved Midnight in Paris. I love the city itself, for somewhere in its streets sleeps the romantic dream I cling to.

Before I go it must be said, thank you Chris for coming along and joining in on another addition to my life at the movies.






  • Chris Elliott

    Hopefully, we can take a trip to not only Paris, but all of Europe together homie. It is my dream to explore the likes of the eastern world. Until then, I’ll settle for charming movies in which depict it. :) Thanks for letting me co-write this with you dog. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for getting me to finally see a Woody Allen movie. I couldn’t think of a grander start than this one here. I’m also glad you got to enjoy the Varsity VIP treatment to the fullest extent. It was a brilliant story, and a creative one as well. 

      I remember you asking me which of the historical characters I liked the most. If memory serves you well, I never answered. Nevertheless, the thought has stewed in my mind since. I have to say without question that it was Hemingway. I say that because of one statement he made, (abridged as follows) “You will never be able to write until you’ve made love to a truly great woman.”

      Unbeknownst to me that has been MLatM’s motto from the start :)

  • Anonymous

    First off I need to say I have never particularly partaken in the “Woody Allen Koolaid” drink off.  While I think he was very unique and made amazingly endearing movies I never cool see them as a slice of reality.  With films like these I try to be rooted on chemistr and relatability.  Unfortunetly his flicks just don’t get me in that way.

    Second, I have to say based of both of your love for it I may watch it.  It does sound quite nice but with a full roster of my own films to watch it may slip through the cracks though.

    Amazing review though and YOUR chemistry was as good or better than Allen’s!

    • Anonymous

      I am glad you dug the blog. Though I do believe you would enjoy the movie, I also agree it is not one to be on your top to-see movies. Nevertheless, I again must admit that I loved this film. I knew it would be a witty romantic comedy of sorts, but I didn’t expect the fantasy elements. Add to that some top notch views of Paris and a great cast… I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling throughout.

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks dude. I really think you should watch this movie. See it in theatres while you still can. I’m telling you, you would LOVE it. 

  • KWgirl

    Your dad & I just got back from seeing this movie. I loved the cinematography, they truly showed how perfectly stunning Paris is. I LOVE that city! I must admit, I had a love/hate relationship with this film. I loved when he went back in time, the dialogue and vistas were amazing. It was definitely a more romantic time where people dressed up and had actual conversations with people. I hated the dialogue in the present time.
    I found the characters were so shallow….yes I know that’s what he was portraying but compared to the other time….it was childish. Your dad LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I guess I’m with John G on this, I’m not a true Woody Allen fan, just never really got his films, although this one was pretty good. 

    • Anonymous

      Awwww, mom :) I love you even more than Paris.

      That said…. (lol) I thought this movie was incredible. I knew you would both love it because you’re educated, and we as a family agree Paris is a place to fall in love and one day be buried in. So happy you guys enjoyed it. 

      • KWgirl

        Your dad knew ALL the writers, painters and time frames of the movie so he understood it a little bit more than I did…guess I need to read more:) We would love to be able to buy a place there sometime, of course to share with our kiddo’s. Paris is definitely the city of love!

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