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Mic Check YYZ Pt. 4

Mic Check YYZ expands. Its numerical suffix continues because expansion is far from being explained. Thus far series followers know its signature and two-topic style. Such topics include: Artists; Mixtapes; and Fashion. Today I hope to add to this pedigree.

Devon Jacob Tracy, also known as TDK, is an eighteen year old microphone assassin. My ‘Sauga barber (Nader) tossed me his CD yesterday, and three songs in I was already rewinding lines. One of the key aspects of this blog is to find great Toronto artists, and until this point I’ve never found one with such mass appeal. Though I’m a fan of all the local acts I cover, Devon Tracy will be the one crowds enjoy most. With a combined career in dancing and rapping he offers fans a lot. Plus outstanding tumblr, twitter, and youtube accounts, as well as his new mixtape, “YYZ to LAX,” and you have a lot free entertainment ahead.


YYZ to LAX {Download HERE}

Tumblr Account

Twitter Account

Youtube Channel

I would also like add another topic: “The Visiting Team.” Though I am a proud Torontonian, I am not a fan of any of our teams. I love my Lakers and Braves, and don’t care for my nations past time, (not enough to like the Leafs at least). Thus, when I go to The Dome or ACC it is to see the “Visiting Team.”

So from YYZ to LAX it’s high-time I shared King Fantastic’s latest. Recently Reese & Troublemaker released, “Death of Summer EP.” Add to that a video for the CD’s single, “Local’s Only,” directed by Nicholaus Goossen. Shot in Venice California using a Super 8 camera the video provides viewers with a California Dream. Nostalgia echoes through the imagery, contrasted by the vulgarity of the vocals. Audio/Visual discord; a welcome addition to the King Fantastic library. This is the fourth time I’ve covered KF for Dreamland, so considering the new material and their L.A. zipcode there was no question Reese and Troublemaker would be honored as the first “Visiting Team.”

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/02-_Cual-es-mi-Nombre_-Nina_-Daddy-Baby.mp3|titles=02 _Cual es mi Nombre_ Nina_ (Daddy Baby)]

Locals Only from King Fantastic on Vimeo.

Reese Twitter Account

Troublemaker Twitter Account



  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece! I love the whole “Visiting team” angle, and that said I couldn’t agree with you more about Toronto teams. We have nothing to look forward to. Visitors all the way! I got mad respect for TDK. Young kids doin’ their thing is always inspiring to me. Great How to love cover. New King Fantastic was dope too. That video was too tough. Love this series man, keep ‘em coming! 

    • Anonymous

      You and Colin have definitely inspired me to keep it up. I have more fashion spots and labels; more artists ready, willing, and able; and more coverage of all kinds to come. At least one a week. Soon I’ll take the title away (similar fashion to the O.G. MLatM days on Facebook). Once people get use to the idea i’ll just have the signature. 

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