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Mic Check YYZ Pt. 3

My quest to echo Toronto’s heartbeat continues. Slowly I’ve been attempting to create a space wherein I can discuss and release information pertaining to hip-hop culture, while grounding it upon my Northern foundation. In time the numerical suffix will be removed, but for now it remains to mark my progression. Similar to the last two pieces today I give additional artist info, but the additions don’t end there. Stay tuned to the end for some sick fashion focus.

Scarborough native Luu Breeze has been active since 2006. His artistic efforts “The Prince of the Dot Vol. 2: The Crowning” and “Silence of the Lambs Vol 1.” were enjoyed by locals these past five years. However, the release of his most recent mixtape, “#hollalaluuie,” has pushed his presence beyond our city’s borders. Released digitally on July 25th, the mixtape arrived days prior to his biggest verse to date. Accompanying The Game and fellow Torontonian Boi-1da on “All I Know,” Luu garnered some serious exposure for his guest vocals on “The R.E.D. Album.”

Since then he has been campaigning via his twitter account and personal website to get #hollalaluuie into the hands of rap fans the world round. With it’s Twitter themed title the mixtape is certainly progressive. Songs such as #onagoodnote and @binladen also aid this forward thinking focus. That said, it’s advancements are not in name alone. With guest features like Vado and Sese, as well as production from piano men like Arthur McArthur and Burd & Keyz its sounds are equally as adventurous.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/04-@BinLaden-Prod.-by-Burd-Keyz.mp3|titles=04 @BinLaden (Prod. by Burd & Keyz)]

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/10-Bank-Job-Prod.-by-Arthur-McArthur-Bass-Line.mp3|titles=10 Bank Job (Prod. by Arthur McArthur & Bass Line)]

Be sure to Download it HERE, and see for yourself. Also, check out Luu’s video for “#hollalaluuie” below, directed by YYZ artist Sean Getti.

Luu breeze from Sean Getti on Vimeo.


I have a bit of a shopping addiction. Closet construction is both a hobby and a passion of mine, and though I may not be adorning the finest threads, I’m always adored in the flyest. Shopping is a constant progress. I’ve said it a million times, buying clothing is not something you do one random Saturday afternoon, it is a constant process. Several times a week, whether it be during a lunch break, or on my after work walk, I window shop and enter doors with exciting displays. Adrift is one store I enter often.

Housing brands like Diamond, Odd Future, K-Way, and Levi’s its hard for me not to appreciate their selection. Add to that a star studded sneaker wall and an ample amount of skate supplies and you have yourself one of Toronto’s most competitive and high class skate shops. Urban in the utmost, and fashion forward for the underground, Adrift is a store (and house brand) every kick push kid and headphones hip-hopper should check out.

Located at 116 Spadina Ave, (just South of Queen) its open daily and staffed with a slew of employee’s eager to get you geared out. Check em out, and of course, let me know ;)


  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece homie! Lu is definitely doing his thing. That song on R.E.D was a beast, and one of the best. I’m excited to see where he takes it. Yet another hogtown hero in the making! Also, I gotta go to Adrift with you and check out some of their shit. First let me get my stacks up though. #racksonracksonracks 

    • Anonymous

      You will love Adrift, a little pricey, but they have a lot of pieces and collections you can’t find anywhere else. Got my K-Way jacket there.

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