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Mic Check YYZ 6

The wind in Toronto now comes with a bite. The dark arrives with speed. As the rich close up their castles to enjoy the spoils of our labor, we roam like demons in the night. This month concludes the dramatic meeting of summer and winter. It is completely unpredictable. As one of October’s Very Own by birth, and now locale as well, this month’s an important one, and oddly cleansing come Halloween. Yet in the moment it is confusing with its black chill. Thus, this week’s MCYYZ concerns some poignant picks.


Terius Nash – 1977: Not every artist on my playlist reps the T-dot-O. Out-of-towners definitely get some love, especially those that provide their content free-of-charge. There is no question I’ve enjoyed The Dream’s work for awhile now. His admittedly “R. Kelly inspired” sound gets him my respect, and the addition of his electronic soul gets him my admiration. He is hands down one of the greatest minds in music today. He’s won grammies by writing for Beyonce (3X) and Rihanna (1X), he also wrote a catchy tune for Bieber called “Baby”.

The love cult he has created is about to produce its fourth album, The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman.  I know the feeling, and if 1977 is any indication of its sound… then I know the feeling well. Therein he speaks sharply, openly, and honestly. He’s been hurt and the fact has become consuming. With features from Big Sean and Pharrell he shares in the emotional undertaking with friends. Download it for free and Thank Me Later.

Tumblr: the-lovecult.tumblr.com

Download: http://www.radiokillarecords.com/


Today’s Sportswear: Despite all this darkness there is some light in these fall colors. With every new season comes a renewed commitment to fashion. There is no better quarter I believe for such than this one. The primary colors return with playground simplicity. Shades soften and earth tones sprout. Layers are key, and kicks are at their cleanest.

Yes, of all of my accessory addictions there is none I indulge in more than sneakers. I find it mandatory to get a minimum two pairs per season and anticipate what they will be. One store I always stop by to aid my quest is Today’s Sportswear in China Town, Toronto. However, they have six other locations in the GTA, (learn more HERE). Their prices are always competitive, and their stock is always being upgraded. I’ve been shopping there for five years, and I have done so for a reason. They get a huge recommend from me.

Take Care sneaker heads, and day-dream about these…


  • Chris Elliott

    Another great YYZ, dude. Really love that intro. You make me want to smash pumpkins and act all crazy! ahaha. You sold me on The Dream’s tape a minute ago, and I’ve been on Today’s Sports Wear for a while now. Great material all around. 

    • Anonymous

      Already planning out the next one. I’m glad somebody love reading this new series, because it has been great creating a new on-going feature.

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