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Merry Christmas: The Gift Of Song

December 1st has finally arrived. The air is crisp and the stores are filled. People all over the world have been blessed with anticipation of the most cherished holiday of all: Christmas Day. This time of year has always been very special to me, and I hold my traditions (as odd as they may seem to some) very dear to my heart. December is a very important month. Possibly more important than any other on the calendar. During these precious 31 days, we give thanks, reflect on our lives, plan for the future and spoil our loved ones. We decorate our dwellings, offer our donations to those less fortunate and reunite with family. We do this, to the tune of our favorite Christmas carols.

My first gift to the Dreamland community is a compilation of my favorite Christmas carols and hymns. I have gathered a collection of songs that have shaped my Christmas experience as a child, teen and grown man. Without these musical memories, this blessed season simply would not be the same. I am thankful for the feelings they evoke, the inspiration they provide and the tradition they stand for. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Here’s to the beginning of a fabulous Christmas season! Merry Christmas to all!



  • Anonymous

    Exceptionally executed :) Thanks for kicking off Christmas on Dreamland. Downloaded the in depth CHRISmix. Here’s a song to add, my personal fav sang by my peeps. 


  • Chris Elliott

    Thanks, Slime. I wanted to kick things off properly. I’m really glad you enjoyed. I just watched your clip. So dope! All of those guys look like your dad!! lol 

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