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Merry Christmas: The Gift of Light

Merry Christmas! We are now officially 1 week into the holiday season and the hustle and bustle is starting to significantly ramp up. Some embrace it, some loath it, and others shy away from it completely. There is no question that with Christmas, comes added financial stress, and social obligation of which some of us dread.  A lot of people are extremely on edge at this time of year and it rubs off on others. It’s quite easy to get sucked into people’s bad attitudes in malls, low patience in parking lots and short fuses at work. However, let us not forget what this time meant to us as children. The traditions we held, the treats we looked forward to, and the togetherness we enjoyed. As adults, it may seem like the Christmas spirit is a feeling reserved for children, but it’s all around us.

Perhaps one of the most obvious displays of spirit is Christmas decorations. More notably, Christmas lights! Second only to music, Christmas lights are one of my favorite aspects of the holidays. Ever since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the different ways people would illuminate the exteriors of their houses during Christmas. I enjoy the colors, the arrangements and the contrast at night. Although, admittedly, some houses are a little over the top. I must say, an understated and elegant look is always more tasteful in my opinion. On the same token, it’s definitely amusing to see that one house in your neighborhood that garnered its inspiration from Clark Griswold.

Below are a few examples of tasteful, expressive, wacky and over the top Christmas lights. I hope you enjoy!


  • Anonymous

    AWESOME!!! Especially the house with the crown. There are so many neighborhoods in Southern Ontario that compete to be the best lit house. I’ve seen them in Hamilton and St. Catharines for example, and was always impressed at the spirit and craft. Great piece. Happy to see you bringing the spirit of Christmas to the blog.

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks so much dude. I’m glad you liked this piece. As discussed yesterday, it’s so nice to see what beauty people have created around their dwellings. Each one of the pictures chosen represents the very essence of my luminary inspiration.

  • Angel Hess Tagaca

    I LOVE the all red and white house, Chris. Thanks for the idea!


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