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Merry Christmas: Cloth & Glory

In 2010 Dreamland celebrated the holiday season with an online advent calendar. From the 1st through to the 20th of December our staff unveiled the best gifts our money could buy. This year we decided to approach Christmas with increased passion and originality.

Perhaps you’ve already read Christopher’s blogs about festive lights and sounds. He is no doubt the company’s honorary elf. His spirit is infectious and led me awhile back to inquire about creating a Christmas themed garment. Suffice it to say his excitement was instant and intense, and soon enough Brian was on board to aid in its creation.

Several designs were drafted and debated, until one morning at my day job I got inspired in a meeting. Ignoring the need to take notes I started drawing a symbolic heavy image. Brian later saw it and transformed my sketch into a series of pixels that allude to the stitched sweaters of old. Chris got his hands on the finalized file and not only brought it to life, but photographed it brilliantly as well. We collaborated on this color variant collection in a way we never have before. The three of us had our Santa hats on every step and because of that crafted a crewneck we’re proud to call our own.

Cloth & Glory: The name of this piece has its purpose. Though Christmas is a joyous time, it is also a cold one here in Toronto. Thus, our crewneck not only speaks of the seasonal spirit, but also defends against the elements. Christmas takes much its inspiration from the pagan rituals that came before it. Trees and candles are ancient images symbolizing protection of both skin and soul. The Greeks, Romans, and Huns all idolized the tree before we began placing presents under it. However, no myth inspired the look of our tree more than the Norse guardian Yggdrasil. With deep roots it reminds us that no matter where we come from we are all connected.

To honor the Christian branches that sprouted we go to the world of numerology. This study of the mystic nature of numbers lives on in two in particular, three and seven. Three represents the triune God of the faith, and seven the idea of perfection. Three triangles are had in each row with seven stars in each. Many more important numbers and shapes can be found herein, and so can our signature “D” on the reverse. Here at Dreamland we welcome you to join us in celebrating the warmth this project has brought us.

May your smiles be bright and your hearts be joyous. Merry Christmas from the crew!

These wonderful sweaters are limited edition. If you’d like one for yourself please contact us to place your order today.


  • Anonymous

    This project really came together… I’m completely proud, beaming.

  • Chris Elliott

    So nice to see this up. You did an AMAZING job crafting this blog and I’m so proud that we collectively did this. I feel great about where we are as a team. Merry Christmas, boys!

  • MRcromanic

    yo these are sick ! nice design sirrrrrrrrrrr

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