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MCYYZ XVII: From Toronto with Love

For God so loved the world… it’s why we celebrate all month. God so loved the world, and we in turn work to emulate the emotion. Charity and forgiveness are our greatest tools it doing so, and today I’d like work with both. Today I’d liked to give to you that which has been freely given to me.

From Toronto with love…


The carol of the bells ring and Drake’s come back to croon. For those who invested in his Deluxe Edition of Take Care you’re familiar with its bonus tracks. The Motto, being it’s first, is a Young Money remake of the classic, “Feelin’ Myself.” Allow me a moment to reminisce. Recorded by Mac Dre, “Feelin Myself” was released just prior to his untimely/unwarranted death in 2004. It was the introductory track of his 7th solo album, “Ronald Dregon: Dregonomics.” Its beat reflects the maturation of the Hyphy movement, and its lyrics the Thizz faced fun.

Drake scaled down the original and teamed up with Weezy to equip it with new vocals. After its instant success they headed to the Bay Area to shoot a video and add a verse from Tyga. The result is a certified salute. With words from Mac’s mother, appearances from a few Hyphy legends, and some millennial fashion features you won’t regret giving it a view.


Whilst Drake lives out his dreams another Toronto youngster is busy chasing his own. Earlier this year I wrote about Devon Tracy and his mixtape YYZ to LAX. He’s back at it again with another effort he’s hash-tagged, DreamChase. Unlike YYZ, DreamChase primarily uses original productions. Credits include local legend Boi-1da and Nu Money Gang affiliate DJ Gutta.

His self-assured lyricism reflects current sentiments. Those being: grind hard and play harder. More heat to compliment Drake’s cold grip. Devon Tracy is certainly making some major moves and what follows are a couple of my favorites.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/15.-Devon-Tracy-Tunnel-Vision-Produced-By-Bravestarr.mp3|titles=15. Devon Tracy - Tunnel Vision [Produced By Bravestarr]

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/12.-Devon-Tracy-Alarm-Produced-By-Neenyo.mp3|titles=12. Devon Tracy - Alarm [Produced By Neenyo]



Lastly, we conclude where this piece began, with love. The Weeknd recently made good on his promise to release three mixtapes in 2011. Echoes of Silence dropped via his self-titled website on December 21st; the trilogy is now complete and beautifully so.

Though the album begins with new sounds it ends like the others, in utter dismay. Considering its title I’m not surprised, nor do I believe the content lackluster. In fact I consider it on par with the other two entries. Like the artist I lived out the majority of the year in an afflicted state. However, I’m ending it with renewed romance. Thus, when I hear songs like Outside and The Fall I only sense the good in them. I see the beauty in loving like a madman, for even phantoms can be enchanted.

“Girl I’m open to anything that’ll get you into that tone, and understand that we’re all alone. So you can slowly take off your clothes…”

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/03-Outside.mp3|titles=03 Outside]

“No I ain’t scared of the fall… I’ve felt the ground before.”

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/07-The-Fall.mp3|titles=07 The Fall]



  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece as per usual. Not feeling DT too hot, but I def respect his hustle and talent. Got echoes a week ago, have yet to listen. I just need to be in the right mood. As far as the Motto, I was beyond impressed. Drizzy owns the game right now and it was good to see that YMCMB unity come to life with Wayne and Tyga on board. I really liked the tri-fecta of true-to-t-dot-talent. Alliteration is my main hoe.

    • Anonymous

      Devon Tracy always impresses me when I consider his time spent in the game, and the age he’s at in life. This mixtape was such a step forward for him. He’s really getting his concepts together and his hustle on full. The Weeknd’s latest effort is exceptional, I can’t stop playing it. So happy to hear that he is releasing the trilogy as a collective CD. As for The Motto, hoping to hear that Mac’s work will live on like his mama says.

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