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Progress is best when paced. Erratic efforts may sparkle, but they never shine. In Toronto we’ve seen the rise and fall of many institutions. There is no such thing as enough. Believe in the lie and die in the same. Open your mind to the idea of eternity and realize the wise are far from hasty. It’s hard work and insightful art that make a man. A guru of the grind said the great are so by choice. Let’s discuss two examples.


David Versis is back at it again! Just over a month ago I wrote about his turbulent new single, Bon Voyage. After remodeling his self-titled website with work from Dilan Manahan, Versis released the first of three new tracks. Bon Voyage found him flowing with new Bravado. Punch lines assaulted the Childish Gambino instrumental, and we were introduced to holy warfare.

A week ago David let us in on where his allegiance lies. Titled “Angels Agree,” this second verse begins where he last left off. And though its style fits Bon Voyage’s framework, it definitely builds different bridges. One thought goes into the next and topic at hand screams success! As he aims for the same it’s amazing to see him approach it with such artistry. One verse remains until the orchestra is halted; one man working hard to be exalted.


Angels Agree by Dilan Manahan


From the mouths of babes! Adolescent eyes are keen, and their vocals vibrant. For months Toronto’s youth have been discussing the material merits of Outclass Attire. This Canadian company is quality first, and their collection sports a wide array of fashionable goods. From leather utility pouches to oxblood denim their products are as unique as they are diverse.

For most these products are available exclusively online. However, if you live here in Toronto they can be purchased in person. On Friday December 16th & Saturday December 17th, between 12 and 7PM, Outclass is hosting a pop-up shop. On the top floor of 161 Spadina Avenue is where you’ll find them. I get paid Friday, thank God I have money to burn.



  • Chris Elliott

    All dope shit. Strictly dope shit. I fuckin love how both movements are shaping up. Versis keeps getting stronger as does his team. Outclass has me blown away. Such sick stuff, and an amazing inspiration for us. This is the kind of clean, understated attire I can set my vintage watch to. Applause as always for this great series.

    • Anonymous

      Wait until you see the scarf I purchased today at the pop up shop… I had to hold it together not to buy that jacket up above. 

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