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MCYYZ XIX “Stay Schemin”

With success and status come the seven sins. Jealous ones envy, and greed grows gluttonous… the lust for more never dies. However, the opposite is also true, for the rich lay idle in their spoils. Puffed up with pride they believe themselves gods, and dispense their wrath upon the unbelievers.

The Crown weighs heavy, and the throne is barbed and jagged. Kings quickly discover that though they fought to earn their scepter, they must never lay down their sword.

Lessons learned by Drake in this Game of Thrones. Because what else is rap if not a Game of Thrones using the aesthetics of The Wire? With Drake as Toronto’s celebrated soldier there is little question as to why I support him. Especially considering the way he’s held his ground amidst the recent fury. For example, in late December a crazed fan south of the border emblazoned his moniker on her forehead. With the point behind its purpose being shady, Mr. Graham’s reaction to the news was a tad inflamed. I can’t blame him as the artist who inked the piece is rolling like a pig in shit thanks to all the news.

Then there’s the latest assault from G.O.O.D. Music. Kanye’s label-mates have made it their mission to get under Drizzy’s skin. They feign a sense of innocence, and I won’t contest them. However, Common has certainly crossed the line. The first step came from his street single “Sweet.” Therein he indirectly called Drake out. A later interview with MTV’s Sway made the point precise, he wasn’t a fan of Aubrey Graham and he felt the need to say it. Last week a response was made via Rick Ross’s new mixtape, “Rich Forever.” The song is called “Stay Schemin,” and its clever lyrics inspired the subtitle above.

Common, North of the border you’re not going to get a lot of clout. Because not only is Drake successful, he’s brought his gold back to the city. This winter he teamed up with Canada Goose to make a model parka. Leather, Arctic fox fur, and 24k gold combined to create a masterpiece sold exclusively at NOMAD. Add to that the fact he was recently tattooed at FY Ink. The other week he stopped by Toronto’s best tattoo shop and immortalized his love, Aaliyah. He says he does it for his city, and I can tell you there is no question. Nearly every fashion outlet and artist I blog about can attest to the same. Thus, in the Game of Thrones he stands as the chief Direwolf in this Stark household.



  • Anon

    It’s funny though because a lot of people that know Aubrey Graham the person or have known him in his upbringing maintain adamantly that he’s actually one of the most snake-like dudes out there, and not individually hard at all. The fact that Drake made such a big deal of Sweet says a lot. Although realistically it was almost certainly directed at him, all Common actually did was call out soft rappers. Drake’s reaction to it just acknowledged that he knows most people view him as soft. This whole thing is pretty senseless on both of their behalves. Drizzy’s the biggest thing out there right now, so Common alone has no chance at beating him in a popularity contest. But Common is oft regarded as a legend of the genre, and to many represents hip-hop in a very pure form that the constantly more prevalent educated rap fan is yearning to be brought back into modern records.

    • Anonymous

      Well put point. I’ve never been a fan of common myself. I’ve never viewed his rap as all that progressive or deep in any way, shape, or form. That said, I know that people consider him a “legend” and they have positive points to back it. Regardless I disagree, especially in light of childish actions to get attention. The man is far from tough himself, and an ancient verse warring with Ice Cube won’t help convince me otherwise. I know my bias, and I’ve backed it. But I appreciate a well put opposing opinion. Thank you for reading, despite the fact we agree to disagree. 

  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece, although you do know my stance on the matter. Love them both and the battle of equally worthy opponents remains entertaining to watch and discuss. Holla love.

    • Anonymous

      Ya… if only I believed they were equals.

      • Chris Elliott

        Ahahaha whatever you say, brotha!
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