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MCYYZ XII: Take Care

Italy’s doomsday clock is at a quarter to twelve, and the European Union bloodies their feet further along the razor’s edge. Chinese capitalism continues to suffer through its infancy as big money makers go belly up. Obama is fighting for support in the southern states, and the Republicans have no one capable of taking advantage of his weakness. Canada with an ample amount of resources and real estate progresses under the radar… healthy.

In the countries financial capitol a method once thought So Far Gone returned, recorded, and published a masterpiece. I’m talking about Canada’s poetic GDP, the album Toronto Princes have titled, “Take Care.”

Chris Elliott: Before his debut album “Thank Me Later” hit stores, the world was vocalizing its appreciation for Aubrey Graham and his innovative contribution to musical culture. On “Thank Me Later” he retreated into himself as a songwriter, giving fans the “Drake” perspective. “Take Care” delves into the Aubrey side of the story. He’s openly admitted that “Thank Me Later” was focused on “surface raps” and that friends and family encouraged him to dig deeper. This advice was clearly taken to heart.

Musically, this is the perfect album. In terms of production it blends a variety of influences together whilst remaining coherent throughout. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Drake’s success can be directly attributed to the talent of his right-hand-man Noah “40″ Shebib. Every chorus, melody, and bridge carefully crafted by Drake is accompanied by the genius audio engineering of 40. These two are a match made in hip-hop heaven, and this fact is artistically celebrated throughout the tour de force that is “Take Care”.

Jon Godfrey: I, like so many others, downloaded the leak that came a week early. I, like so many others, purchased the album on November 15th. I, like so many others, haven’t escaped the enchantment of this album. At the office my co-workers debated the supremacy of the Cash Money remake “Practice.” At the Barbershop my fellow patrons barked about “HYFR” bravado. A beautiful woman told me there was truth and smiles in “Camaras,” and one of my in-laws repeated the rhythms of the title track endlessly. Chris, (while working with me on this blog), explained the strengths in the album’s intro. I love “Over My Dead Body,” but my pleasure is found in the pain of “Shot For Me.”

Take Care plays in the stereo of every car stuck in traffic. It echoes over the airwaves of every radio station, and excites crowds of all sizes and styles. With so much said in these songs, and so much to be said about the same, it is little wonder why this album will be enjoyed individually in ear-wells the world-wide.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/01-Over-My-Dead-Body.mp3|titles=01 Over My Dead Body]

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/02-Shot-For-Me.mp3|titles=02 Shot For Me]


  • http://twitter.com/ryanhancock9 Ryan Hancock

    Beauty review guys! I love this album, even though I’m really not a big fan of rap. This and the new record by Childish Gambino are two of the only rap records I’ve listened to. Shot for Me is amazing, but my personal favourite has to be Lord Knows. The gospel-sound in the background just makes it, and having Nicki on Make Me Proud is awesome (I love her and everything she adds to a song). Underground Kings is another stand out track for me, been listening to this album non-stop since the release. Definitely gotta be one of the best albums of 2011.

    • Anonymous

      I love that you chirped in and gave your fav songs. My whole research process for this piece was asking people in my life and circumstances what song was their favorite. Almost every song has been chosen at this point, and people are still picking. AMAZING!

  • Chris Elliott

    GREAT piece. Very strong. I really like how you let the album dominate the series. Great move. This is huge for Toronto and I’m just glad we had the chance to team up on it!

    • Anonymous

      I really enjoyed putting this together. It has been so long since I had to find and create a voice. Getting your opinion in on this pushed me to go above and beyond… but I didn’t want to do anything less considering it’s about Drizzy. This is… shhh… my album of the year.

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