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Considering Drake’s endless ode’s to out-of-town locales, I figured I’d follow suit and sing about a city of my choosing. Like the crooning rhyme-spitter I come from the North, a land called Toronto or the acronym YYZ. It’s in the title of this blog, a series which discusses the urban merits of this metropolis.

Today, however, is a little different. There will be no melodies about Toronto, or Houston, Atlanta, and Vegas. Yet, there will be a two part blog about a city and its greatness. The city is Pittsburgh, and although I’ve never been there, their urban culture has found its way onto my skin and in my ear…


 From time to time I check our analytics to look over Dreamland’s digits. One number that remains increasing is my most successful blog to date, my piece about Mac Miller. After one listen to “K.I.D.S” I knew I had to introduce our community to him. In turn I have been rewarded with readership far beyond our own. After all, that is the Mac Miller effect.

This young man is the most brilliantly positive rhyme-sayer in the game. There is no greater evidence of this than the push and reception of his introductory album, Blue Slide Park. The road to its release was decorated with rewards. Not only did he unveil videos for Frick Park Market, Smile Back, and Party on the Fifth. He also put out a free for download mixtape for his fans titled, I Love Life, Thank You.

However, the album itself is the greatest gift of all. This completely independent project is set to sell 185,000 units in its first week and there is little question why. With sixteen solid tracks echoing his upbeat sound, and some seriously creative liner notes, this is a record rap fans should have in hardcopy.

My two favorite tracks are as follows:

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/04.-PA-Nights.mp3|titles=04. PA Nights]

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/13.-Diamonds-Gold.mp3|titles=13. Diamonds & Gold]


Everyone and their mother have a blog. Trust me I know… my mother has a blog. Thus, the grind for readership is overwhelming. Add to that the effort it takes to craft and market a clothing line, this digital stress can be crippling. So it’s nice to have friends in this industry who bear the same burdens. Dave and the Blasfome family are such people, people who inspire me.

Dave opened up the Blasfome Flagship Store in Pittsburgh earlier this year. There they’ve hosted numerous shows for local acts and unloaded their gear. Of note, I must mention their signature wayfarers which have proved far more popular than risky business. This winter they are not only promoting the release of new colors for these frames, but also new styles for their signature imagery. Yes, many of their treasured tees are back upon warmer wear, as well as brand new branding. However, the crispiest piece in this cold collection is definitely the Blasfome Beanie. There is nothing in this line I want more. To find if there is anything of interest to you click the links below, and as always, let me know.




  • Chris Elliott

    Great blog dude. I really like how you support other companies on the come up as well. It’s dope to know that people just like us are making it. Obviously I love Mac and I’m also very impressed with the new album. Feel good music at its finest! 

    • Anonymous

      Only a fool would fail to support those who share in the struggle ;)

      After all that is all Dreamland is, people supporting each other.

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