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Enough talk about money, it slips through all our hands and falls into the pockets of few. What matters in this city is heart. And though there are few still warm within a chest, the cavities so blessed beat and bring this city life. While the mindless hoards pretend to be professionals, the benevolent few exist as brains for fodder. Meaning, those with hearts have minds as well. After all, the majority of this city is a mindless mass, and someone has to ensure they’re fed.


One of the brilliant few happens to be a friend of mine. His name is David Versis, and for fans of Dreamland his name should be well known. From his days before Drafted, through to his first concert, our coverage has been consistent. Thus, said coverage continues with Versis’ latest single, “Bon Voyage.” Released on his revamped website, (art courtesy of Dilan Manahan), Bon Voyage acts a mediating act between his previous work and what is yet to come.

Prior to this point Versis released his first full length effort, “Hate to Say It.” What awaits (on an unknown date) is an artistic album titled, “Poetic Symphonies & Like Minded Souls.” Until that anticipated work reaches the web, set sail with Bon Voyage.




Being a web based series all of Mic Check YYZ’s content comes from online sources. From twitter accounts to tumblr posts I garner a plethora of information to sort through every week. In addition, there are some select websites that I go to for up-to-date info. Considering the fact that this week’s topic concerns the hearts and minds that uphold this city, I have to mention the website “All Things Fresh.”

Good Wood NYC x ATF: Drake’s 25th Birthday Present from Chris Lee on Vimeo.

ATF is a group of online bloggers who run Drake’s official fansite. Begun by Karla Moy over four years ago, ATF has now grown into a cooperative brand with Drake and OVO. Upon their ever updated page you will find rare photos, exclusive information, download links, and more. With Take Care only days away be sure stop by for a visit and bask in all things Drizzy.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Drake-The-Real-Her-Feat.-Lil-Wayne-Unfinished.mp3|titles=Drake - The Real Her (Feat. Lil Wayne) Unfinished]



  • Chris Elliott

    Versis absolutely RUINED that beat. Unbelievable flow. He continues to blow me the fuck away. So much better than MOST in the game. Love your coverage on his as well as ATF. I gotta grab one of those Good-woods. For real. Toronto gets stronger and you let the people know! LOVE THIS SERIES!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed on the Versis tip, and thank you for the love on the series. It’s still in it’s infancy stage. However, I hope it grows in depth as MLatM has. So much more to come… so much love for Toronto it’s far from ending.

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