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The rain is rampant as the wind sweeps through your soul. Huddled up, head down, walk quickly from to door to door. Fearful of mother-nature’s cold milk the thirsty hunger indoors. Only true hustlers haunt these streets. For this is the time of moving sheets, but if you want to make money give it up and start losing some sleep. The dark has taken over. The demonic have increased their working hours. If you aren’t able to brave a cold day in New York… you’ll never make it Toronto.


Success is hard to come by. It’s hard earned and the weak waste-away in moments. It takes years of dedication and strength and Peter Jackson is a perfect example of exactly that. In my university years I first discovered his music via The King of the Dot web series. While I was writing exams at Western, Peter was winning rap battles all over Toronto.

Despite his evident talent I wrote him off as just another battle rapper. I didn’t know his skills were eager for much more than street cred. The other week the Toronto Star published an article on the man that quickly changed my opinion. His grind is impressive to say the least, and his skill for crafting records is equally so. He released a mixtape early this year titled, “No Talking.” Promoted through a series of music videos it plays exceptionally well. Click the link below, give it a listen, and let me know.




Drive (Dilan Manahan)

It’s still early… winter is weeks and weeks away. It’s time to gear up and get ready. The other week Dreamland dropped its clothing line, and the reception has been great. And as fan of those who hustle along with us I’d like to give some respect to Dilan Manahan and his label, Ninety Six.

I first learned of Dilan’s talent from my friend David Versis. In fact I commented on his clothing in the second edition of this series. Tonight he releases his fall/winter line, and this young man’s work is impressive to say the least. His brush strokes are in tune with today’s imagery, and his eye is keen on detail. To get a sample of his art, passion, and cloth poetry visit the links as listed.

My Favorite Piece ("Ill-New-Minati" Black Crewneck Sweater)





  • Chris Elliott

    Both amazing parts. I actually got the chance to chop it up with PJ for a minute at last year’s MMVA’s. He’s nice with the mic for sure. It’s easy to judge him as one of G-Unit’s leftovers, but I agree, a lot more to this guy than meets the eye. Very focused. He’s worked with a TON of people in rap and he’s still heating up. Good lookin on 96 as well. It alwasys inspires me to see local cats like us doin’ their thing! 

    • Anonymous

      That’s some good news about PJ, the guy is a gem for hip-hop heads. As for Ninety-Six, I’m working on something with Dilan now for Hearts and Heroes… stay tuned ;)

      • Chris Elliott

        Sweeeeet! Very intrigued!
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