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No more conversations about the weather, it’s grown cold and grows colder. Fourth quarter budgets have been handed out, and as always they stand tall. Corporate greed is for the few, and for the rest it looms large until it’s worked off. The rich man makes his way to the Gentleman’s Club, and while he’s gone the efforts of the many prosper little. There is no success, only hustle. Work and enjoy what spoils you can while the smiles are so easily had.


My love affair with Toronto gets increasingly romantic every Halloween. Last year I spent the holiday traversing the city. This year I took different paths; one of which led to FY Ink and their new location just east of Bathurst on Queen. The same velvet wallpaper decorates the walls, but the space is larger and the seats more plentiful. Art by Robin Waters beams from behind the front desk as Modern Warfare ensues in the entry. Without question it’s on the rise with great aesthetics, but in the talent is where its true strength lies.

Lance is the teams crowning jewel, and after sitting beneath his needle a second time on Friday I can personally attest to this as fact. That’s not to say there aren’t other artists on the team worth mentioning, if I were to have another pick I’d love to get a tattoo from Nikki. I guess I’m just a sucker for a smile, (and she certainly has a pretty one).

I highly recommend stopping by the shop if you’re in the area and eager to get a tattoo worthy of your imagination and money.




Last week I discussed the merits of local artist Peter Jackson. Included in my write-up was the fact he earned stripes online via the King of the Dot. This battle rap league began in August 2008, and I still have fond memories of the early days. Not only did Organik and his crew offer Canadian MC’s an outlet in the streets. He also offered fans an incredible audio/video experience easily enjoyed at home.

Though I lost touch with this series for awhile I recently returned to see that both the talent rosters and crowd sizes have increased. For concrete evidence of this fact check out XS nightclub on November 5th to see DNA Vs. Dizastor live. Gear up, get ready, and put your money where your mouth iz.




  • Chris Elliott

    Best MCYYZ YET!!! This was amazing!!! ALL I want to do is get inked up and battle rap now! ahahah Great work dude. This is my favorite series yet. Love it. That English guy was UNREAL!!! ahahahah 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks fam! Tattoo was a good experience and came in last minute as the obvious option of this week’s edition. King of the Dot on the other hand has been on my blog roster for a hot minute, I’m glad you enjoyed some of their recent faire. The inclusion of beatboxing is very welcome in my opinion, if you haven’t seen the video you must. 

  • sabrina

    love the tattoo – hot body ;)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for embellishing. 

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