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May The Fourth Be With You

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/John-Williams-Across-the-Stars-Love-Theme.mp3|titles=John Williams - Across the Stars (Love Theme)]

Today marks the first official Star Wars Day. Though “A New Hope” released on May 25th, 1977; and despite the fact fans have honored this day in years past, no celebrations have been as festive as 2011’s.

For starters, Lucas & Co. created a countdown to usher in the day. With promises that “all [would] be revealed” padawan’s and masters alike waited with anticipation. After visiting their Official Website it’s obvious this promise was kept.

From the details integral to their September 12th release of The Complete Saga, to a free look at the new Crimson Empire comic it’s more than evident the Star Wars universe is still set to expand.

I felt it my duty as a movie blogger to not only to share this exciting information with those that may have missed it, but to also to offer up my favorite Star Wars moment. For those that know me, they know I love Star Wars like every other self-proclaimed nerd. The only aspect I differ on is my favoritism for the prequels. Though I won’t go into depth as to my reasons I’ll still attach my elation.

I never got to see Episode II in theaters as I was then a Mormon missionary in Uganda. For months I begged my mission president to let me watch the movie. On Christmas day he obliged with a bootleg copy and a boob-tube. I watched it three times that day and therein and since my favorite scene remains the same. When Anakin kisses Padme on their way into the arena I finally knew why his trek to the Dark Side was imminent.

His awakening like Frankenstein’s monster to this harsh reality is easily my second favorite moment… Hell I watched in 9 times in the theater to make up for lost time :)

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  • Chris Elliott

    Alright! Great post dude. And great moment. I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but I have always appreciated the movies. This is really cool stuff. I really enjoyed the music as well. EPIC!!

    • Anonymous

      You always take the time to enjoy the details. Thanks for liking the music. That and the little Alliance and Empire icons at the end took an hours time to get working. No one realizes how much work these blogs take. That said, as long as they are loved I don’t care :)

      • KWgirl

        I know it takes me FOREVER to write a blog, adding pictures, links and music just adds to that! I must admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for the first one released when your dad & I were teenagers. It literally changed the science fiction genre from hokey to awesome….the special effects he used were what made us line up again to see a movie we had just seen! This will definitely be one I need to buy on Blu-ray.

      • Anonymous

        Yes… make sure you buy the 6 movie pack. It comes with all the bells and whistles. Stuff he has been saving since 77 even :)

  • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

    So you probably know I don’t agree about the prequels, but also that I don’t like to argue about whether any part of Star Wars is good or bad. They’re all awesome! Nice post, but you should totally do an in-depth post about the merits of the prequels sometime. May the fourth be with you!

    • Anonymous

      They are all awesome. I think for the release of the Complete Saga I will take your advice and talk about my love for the prequels and their merits. Everyone makes me feel like a goon for preferring them, but I nonetheless love them openly.

  • Anonymous

    what where the results of your online poll? what one was the favorite?

    • Anonymous

      So far it seems like Empire is leading the pack… I figured it would win. BTW The site update is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I pre-ordered my complete Blu Ray boxset yesterday from BB! JEAH JEAH JEAH!

    • Anonymous

      Where did you order it from and what is the preorder price? Is it all paid in front, or just 10%?

      • Anonymous

        BB = Best Buy. It’s full price, you can pick it up at the store or delivery as well.. $99.99 for the 6 movies.

        Dude we gotta have a marathon!

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