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Machete Maidens: Unleashed

Everyone gets experimental in college. With the onset of HIGHer education, and an escape from the familial abode, many kids endeavor to “find” themselves. Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, people pledge, puke, and peruse through their undergraduate years in a hormonal haze. I was no different, but perhaps some of my experimentation was.

Having began university at the age of twenty-three I wasn’t into the “campus life” as much as everyone else. Sure I partied; hell, I got down right belligerent at times, but never enough to consider it common. Most of my time was spent at home, on my computer, watching movies.

I downloaded almost a terabyte of data during my tenure, and with so much information at hand I began to explore outside my comfort zone. I began to engage in exploitation.

Exploitation Cinema is a niche genre not enough people explore. However, thanks to a new documentary from some folks in the land-down-under maybe a few more will join in the celluloid orgy.

Machete Maidens: Unleashed. This recently released look at the Roger Corman years further opened my eyes to films that had already torn them asunder. From Women in Cages to Black Mama, White Mama, I knew about these films thanks to Pam Grier and her talents. What I didn’t know this documentary covered for the next ninety minutes with breast-plastered-brilliance.

Blood, breasts, and beasts: the three things that kept Roger making money from Blood Island to Weng Weng. However, what captured my attention most were two things: a story and a quote. The story relates to the making of one of my all time fav’s, Apocalypse Now. Gaining additional insight into the horrific tale behind that movie further confirmed my love for it. (To think actual corpses were used in certain scenes sends shivers down my spine). The quote I can’t remember directly, but its point will suffice… critics ruined movies!

In many ways critics have destroyed film and our ability to enjoy them. Thus, the purpose of MLatM is to provide any one willing to read with exactly that, enjoyment. I do this for the love of film and with the hope you will experiment as well. Get your freak on with me and my life at the movies ;)


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Gerontzos/100001193611775 John Gerontzos

    As per our discussion I am very familiar with this type of cinema. Growing up in my father’s house the name ‘Roger Corman’ was bandied about a ton. This type of cinema was “very normal” to me until I found out it wasnt!
    I’ll always remember watching some of the flicks that were featured in this film as a kid and I wonder…how did they effect my pysche? HAHAHA!
    Glad you liked it man, this stuff is put down by the ‘critics’ but all a critic is is a person paid to find fault…..

    • Anonymous

      “all a critic is is a person paid to find fault”

      Well said! I have only seen the female flicks before seeing this film, but I really want to watch Weng Weng and the Blood Island trilogy now. Thanks again for selling me on this. You really highlighted things that related to me and made me want to see it. I hope MLatM works to do the same with others.

  • Chris Elliott

    AMAZING Piece!!! Pam Grier is my ultimate fantasy. I will hunt her down and marry her today. And amazing Weng Wend reference. That’s my brotha for life. I fucks with Weng Weng. I fucks with him hard. #nohomo #pausepausepause #onthelowhomo

    Great piece man.

    • Anonymous

      I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA GO NUTS FOR WENG-WENG!!! We gotta watch a Weng-Weng movie together ASAP! You, loving Pam Grier & Weng Weng, will absolutely LOVE this behind scenes look at the start of some of your fav B-Movie madness :)

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