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Mac Miller

When I was a teenager I would escape to Hamilton as often as possible. Entering Ontario’s ‘dark corner’ meant chilling with my boys and hitting up Dr. Disc. Before the advent of digital downloads Dr. Disc was the only place you could go to get the latest Rap EP’s and Mixtapes.

I remember getting the Slim Shady album before Dre signed him; Nas’s “Lost Tapes” before it was re-mastered as such; and enough “Wake-Up Show” and DJ Clue mixtapes to make a CD Carousel spin. It’s been a dozen years since but I’m still a fan of that “New-New”; I’m still on my Mixtape grind listening to the current kings of the game!

Twenty-ten has provided rap fans with some of the best Mixtapes in years. Kush & Orange Juice, Boss of All Bosses 2.5, and Royal Flush are just three of my favorites. K.I.D.S, however, happens to be the most recent gem.

Earlier this month I was introduced to the entity Malcolm McCormick AKA Mac Miller. This adopted son of Pittsburgh is definitely the dopest eighteen-year-old in the game. Old-heads will instantly overlook him because of his youth; doubters will dismiss him because of his race; and the average consumer will simply wait for his popularity to rise. I instead am not only ready to co-sign the kid, I’m also willing to wait and watch haters turn to fans.

Over the last eighteen months Mac has released three mixtapes, signed with Wiz to Rostrum Records, and toured with Currensy across the country.

He’s released a plethora of artistic and innovative music videos, (including the on-going series included herein), and he’s gearing up to release “Best Day Ever” before the year is through.

If Mac and his MostDope crew can keep up with this relentless pace there is no question that he’ll be chart-topping ASAFP! In the meantime I’ve got K.I.D.S. on repeat, with my whiteboy grin on lock. LOL!!!

A Day in the Life of Mac Miller (Part One):

A Day in the Life of Mac Miller (Part Two):

A Day in the Life of Mac Miller (Part Three):

To Be Continued…


  • Anonymous

    Another one finna hit the big time huh? While this kid ain’t in my ‘dopest’ list I respect his flow and hustle! BTW his beat selection is insane! Can’t wait to see where he goes!

    Good find homie!

    • Anonymous

      Ya… peep his mixtape. I know this kid is gonna take awhile to grow on you… but he will.

  • Chris Elliott

    No more syrup in the bottllllleee-damn, so I top it off with some scrambled eggs. You gotta work with whatcha got! Gotta work with whatcha got!

    LOVE IT! Mac Miller is NEEEEXT!

    • Anonymous

      My boy!!!

      Ya this kid is stead kickin knowledge #macmiller is a beast and his new video #knockknock is ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      My boy!!!

      Ya this kid is stead kickin knowledge #macmiller is a beast and his new video #knockknock is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Love this! thanks for sharing man. nufff skills coming from this kid!

    • Anonymous

      Brian!!! Where have you been my whole life?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHA

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