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Love Stories

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/21-emma-surprises-adam-_-i-love-you.mp3|titles=21 emma surprises adam _ i love you]

Everyone knows the tale of two star-cross’d lovers. Shakespeare stood on a giants’ shoulders to write it, a giant named Ovid. Fifteen centuries plus, prior to the advent of two households in fair Verona, there were two in Babylon. Yes Babylon! In the eighth year of our Lord, in the fourth book of his Metamorphses, Ovid penned a poem he titled, “Pyramus and Thisbe.”

Long ago in the mystic city a brave boy named Pyramus lived next door to Thisbe. Thisbe was an intellect cloaked in angelic tones. From sight Pyramus adored her, despite knowing her to be forbidden fruit. Her parents were his parents’ worst enemies, but his heart ignored the issue. He spoke to her for a fortnight through a crack inside their walls. They whispered of their love and planned to one day meet.

Thisbe arrived early at the mulberry tree they agreed upon. There in the wild a lion crossed her path, a beast bloodied by her kill. Thisbe fled, and in her haste she lost her veil. Pyramus arrived shortly after and saw the veil soaking in the lion’s jaws. Broken by the sight, in her honor, he fell upon his sword. When Thisbe returned she shared in death with his blade. The mulberry is said to have before then blossomed white, but when these lovers died upon it, it flowered red after that night.

That story is a tragic one, born from Roman roots. This next one sprouts from the same seed, but its ending is far from dramatic. In fact its ending begins today: October first, twenty-eleven. Today two lovers say “I do.” Before the sacred altar they stand and host the pageantry. They’ve been enchanted with each other for over ten years, so much so that even a year apart couldn’t break them. When I see one, I see the other, and now I see them beside one another smiling, crying, and kissing.

It’s inspiring. As I’m consumed with gratitude for watching this story unfold, I’m reminded of the struggle that is my own. I never knew the day would come when I’d fall for a foreign beauty. I never knew I’d allow my heart to lose me. And I’ve been wondering for awhile if I’ll ever find it again. Will I one day write our story, or will this be its end? Time will tell, so will my words, and today I dedicate the soul of such to our second story. Matthew and Sabrina thank you for upholding all that I believe, all that I know to be holy.


  • Chris Elliott

    Wow dude. Chilling. Utterly chilling. Great job on this! I get wrapped up in these pieces and your music choice make that so much easier. Loved the last line too. A great union for sure. Nice work. :)

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