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Louis CK

“I don’t give a shit”. Those famous words, uttered in his menacing voice, have been stuck to my brain ever since I first witnessed this man’s genius. As a fellow cynic and admitted pessimist, Louis CK’s comedy resonates with me on a very meaningful level. His hatred for other humans, although twisted, is actually very relatable. Though I am completely aware that every comic has his/her stage-shtick (anger being his), I do believe that there is a great deal of sincerity that goes into his material.

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of comedy knows that material, delivery and enthusiasm all ride shot-gun to timing. Louis’ comedy comes at the perfect time. Wrapped up in an period of greed, self loathing, instant gratification and pity, the world is in desperate need of a good kick in the ass. Most of the bits throughout Louis’ sets are brutally honest tales of hatred for others and himself. Topics including over-indulgence with food, shameless obsession with pornography and unbridled loathing for disgusting people are all regularly discussed.

On paper, his comedy just sounds down-right despicable and extremely hurtful (personally, I find it hilarious beyond belief). However, all arguments aside, there is one theme in his acts that no-one can contest: Honesty. This man has the balls and confidence to blatantly point out the horrible truths about human behavior (his included) that no one else will. The old saying “it’s funny, because it’s true” proves to be an accurate explanation as to why his comedy works. The things he talks about on stage run parallel to the inner thoughts of most people. Attacking the idiosyncrasies of others, Louis CK says what others think, and refuses to apologize.

Stand up comedy is a tricky business, with an ever-changing climate, but I truly believe that this man has what it takes to be one of, if not the most iconic stand-up comics of all time.

Below are a few links to my favorite bits:






  • Anonymous

    I do enjoy this man’s comedy. Having HBO I got into this routine as he is a household comedian. I don’t really take it personally as I find all comedy for the sake of fun alone. His simplicity is brilliant, and yes, his delivery is impeccable. The world has always been as messed up as ever, thank goodness there are always comedians to make light of it :)  

    • Chris Elliott

       I’m glad you like him as well. Such a talented guy. He’s sick, but I like it!

  • Anonymous

    Big fan of stand up!  I have about 20 different shows on my hard drive from HBO, etc.  Louis is the man!  All I’m gonna say is this…SUCK A BAG OF DICKS!


    • Chris Elliott

      What an amazing bit that was as well eh? Oh my God!! He just has such a natural ability to make people laugh. Such a downer. I love it. 

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