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Normally, this area of artistic review lies in the talented hands of fellow blogger, John Gerontzos. Although upon experiencing this show for the first time, I had to touch on it. As some of you might know, I love Louis C.K‘s humor. I truly believe that amidst all of the tricks and shticks polluting modern stand-up comedy, he has the gift of simplification. He has an undeniably natural method of delivering his material. He does this in such a way so as that no matter how offensive, how shocking, how inappropriate and most of all how unapologetic he is, you still laugh…hard.

In late 2009, his own show aired on the FX network for prime time viewing. The… almost self titled “Louie” features dark, often depressing subjects that stretch the bounds of racial, sexual, and religious tolerance. With an obvious knack for writing already instilled into his comedic skill-set, Louis depicts the same outrageously inappropriate situations in his sitcom that fans of his stand-up have grown to love. That said, the show is by no means a scripted version of his stage act. Upon watching the first episode I was completely taken back by the profound and often twisted means of reflecting his inner psyche. Most of the show’s themes are based directly upon his internal struggles with life and social interaction. Often, the dialogue and subtext will drift in and out of the context of reality, regularly leaving the viewer wondering what was meant literally or figuratively.

Although this show features a popular, relevant comedian, it is not meant for the mindless humor sought out by college kids searching for gay jokes that they may have heard in his act. The scripts are just as much meant for stark social commentary as they are Louis’ inner thoughts and struggles. The subjects, masked by humor, remain very serious and are always presented intelligently.

You won’t be able to compare this televised adaptation to the likes of Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David. Louie remains in a class of it’s own, and if you can get past the unusual method of delivery, I highly suggest a late enrollment.

I watch it here.


  • Anonymous

    Very well written. I do enjoy his stand-up, and I’ve always heard that the sitcom was great. You put pen to paper on this and convinced me that if I get the time this is worth the same :)

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks man. I really liked the way this one came out, as I told you earlier. This is a show I am very passionate about and I assure you, if you can find the time, you will be as well. It’s not like ANYTHING I have ever watched. Very inspiring. 

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