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Little Fockers

In October of 2000 I was back from Utah and living with my parents in Waterloo. I was working construction off of Highway 6, and I was on the prowl in my mom’s luxury minivan. During this time I stumbled into a roller-coaster relationship that would plague me for the next six years. She was a pretty girl, simple, and kind. She was a bit naive, materialistic, and sweet. Somehow I thought she was the perfect girl; somehow I thought just because she was attractive that time would provide some depth.

Indeed, time did provide us with some depth, but it ended up more like a shallow-grave than a quality romance. Why am I utilizing this story for this week’s MLatM you ask? Why use such an oddly dark narrative to preface a comedic-celeb-fest? The answer is simple: on our first date we went to see “Meet the Parents.”

It has been over 10 years since the Meet the Parents was in the theaters. Since that time “Fockers” has found its way into two movie titles; most recently in today’s nation-wide release “Little Fockers.”

The third installment in the Focker franchise, Little Fockers brings back all the major players from the first two films for even more family fun! This time Gaylord and Jack do battle over the family legacy. With kids in the picture this time around, the misunderstanding revolves around how to properly raise them. Certainly a simple premise, but the hilarity is found in the unexpected as per the usual.

There is nothing new here, (besides the beautiful Jessica Alba,) but it goes without question that people love this series for its laughs and not its complexity. Despite the fact that this one is not as funny as the first I know that it was enjoyed. We all know the trouble relationships bring and the Fockers provide great insight as to how silly these issues can be.

Looking back on my relationship with that pretty and simple girl I realize how silly those six hellish years were. We were two kids who refused to act like anything but. We had good times and bad, but we forgot the first and held on to the latter. We didn’t work, and in the end that wasn’t a big surprise. However, some relationships are worth saving no matter how horrible the issues may seem, that’s a lesson I learned this week in my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    I’ll be honest and say I have never watched more than 5 minutes of any of these films. The first one seemed pretty funny but I just never gave them a chance.

    That said, loved the way you described this one, great job!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe you have never seen any of these. The first one is definitely a must see… that movie is a classic. The dynamic between DeNiro and Stiller is amazing. The sequels are okay, but Barbra’s hoo-hoo’s definitely save the day… Holla at me momma!!!

  • Chris Elliott

    I thought it was absolutely hilarious. There was a good amount of Cheese sprinkled on the top, but I think overall it delivered.

    • Anonymous

      The whole town knows you loved it, you were laughin your ass off!!! Thanks again for taking me slime. I’ve already got the first three months of the new year scheduled for MLatM, so I’ll slide you the list so you can see what you wanna come along for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i wanna watch this movie.
    like the closing line to the blog ;)

    • Anonymous

      It’s amazing how easily that sign off is to fit in. I love writing this piece and I hope you come along for a few MLatM’s next year (Gnomeo & Juliet… you are the only interested person I can think of, LOL).

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