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To some it may seem that My Life at the Movies’ momentum has slowed. In a sense there is no doubt that it has. I’ve been in the theater less and the blogs are far from as frequent. My younger sister expressed concern as she is an avid fan, but never fear faithful readers The Golden Road continues and the Race to 100 just hit forty-one films.

Having stacked up enough Scene Card points for a free flick I rolled solo last night to see something new. In order to re-confirm to the fans the importance of their input I posted a quiz as to which movie they preferred. The choices were slotted in the comforting realm of sci-fi; between Source Code & Limitless. The latter won and was shortly thereafter enjoyed.

The film opened up into a crazy continual camera sequence, and I quickly posited myself into the protagonist’s shoes. Like No Strings Attached, (which I loved), Bradley Cooper’s lead role was that of a writer. Like The Adjustment Bureau, (which I also loved), the plot was backed by a race to the senate side-tracked by the clandestine. Add to that Sucker Punch’s Abbie Cornish, and there was a lot in this film for a fan like me to drool over.

Limitless finds its origins in literature. Based off of Alan Glynn’s, “The Dark Fields,” it is a tale about the cost of creativity. I was obviously intrigued, and as it played I relentlessly asked myself the following question: “If there was a pill that would make me a better writer, wooer, and whimsical mastermind would I take it.” The honest answer is, no. No, I agree with one of the characters sentiments that genius comes with a cost… a cost that must be paid.

To simply be admired by a talent I’ve fallen into and failed to earn is not something I desire. I am proud of the minute accomplishments I can honestly call my own. This blog itself, (which turns a year old in August), is one such trophy I remain persistently proud of. Though at times I feel I’ve lost everything I’ve loved, I love to know I lost it of my own accord. To race through a life of the opposite, brought on by a daily dosage of chemical enhancements is not success at all.

The scars that mark my soul; the words that explain their shape and form; the brief moments of sun slipping through the constant clouds… these are mine, and for every scab and ray I am grateful. I am furthermore grateful to the people at Alliance Films for bringing this picture my way. It was the visual challenge I needed to stimulate another honest addition to this series. I hope you liked it, I hope you return, I hope you see the brilliance that lies within “My Life at the Movies.”


  • Anonymous

    I love this movie so much. I honestly was in the theater thinking about you for the first half of it as they developed his character as a writer. 

    I take the total opposite stance from you though, If I could take a pill to allow me to tap into 100% of my brain power I’d probably accept.If I was given the opportunity to use enhance myself to my greatest possible potential even through the use of medication how could I say no to that? I can think of an infinite amount of ways to use that potential to better the lives of the people around me. To improve the world and change the world in positive ways. 

    • Anonymous

      Ya, I just can not acquiesce into stimulated assistance. I get it, but I believe I will make it of my own accord or not. You know how incredibly prideful I am. The part of the movie that got the me the most because of this was his crashes… he was nothing without the meds. Which in my mind made him nothing at all. That is simply my take though, LOL! 

  • KWgirl

     I thought it was quite the interesting concept…I honestly don’t know which route I would take. Both sides have positives and negatives…like life I guess. Like most drugs though, I think I would ere on the side of not taking it. I would hate to have a pill rule my life. 

    Definitely see Source Code…another great movie. We saw Thor today and thought it was great….LOVED Branagh’s spin…more Shakespearean:)

    • Anonymous

      Everyone is loving Source Code. I think if my movie needs getting crawling like they were this week I might walk over and see it. For now I am about to leave to TIFF and see Swiss Family Robinson… a certified Mormon selection, :)  

  • Chris Elliott

    Very cool dude. I absolutely loved this movie and piece. I have to disagree with you though, if given the chance, I would totally take it. For Cooper’s character, the price he paid was in the learning curve on how to control himself with the drug and even make a hybrid strain of it. 

    • Anonymous

      I do understand the learning curve, but that resolve felt too “cake and eat it too” for me. He got the girl, the dream job, and lost nothing in the process. I don’t feel life would be as kind. I couldn’t do it. 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see this movie, glad Cooper has made a movie other than The Hangover that can be enjoyed!

    Also, thanks for the shout-out for Alliance!

    Good job.

    • Anonymous

       Ya… trust the Alliance love is only beginning. Proud of you big bro. 

  • Alessandra Colella

    On top of the fact that you rack up those Scene points like I do, I think the next best part of this blog is when you say “for every scab and ray I am grateful” – there is nothing that can bring more pride than one’s own struggle and accomplishments…keep that head up Jonny and keep the blogs flowin ;)

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