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Limewire is dead!

The greatest virus spreading software (2nd to e-mail) the world has ever laid it’s hands on is now destined for the digital grave…

As of October 26th 2010 http://www.limewire.com/ is now under a court order junction to stop distributing copies of it’s popular file sharing software.

On October 26, 2010, Judge Kimba Wood, a US federal court judge, issued an injunction forcing LimeWire to prevent “the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or all functionality” of its software.[3][4] A trial investigating the damages necessary to compensate the affected record labels is scheduled to begin in January 2011.[5]

Source -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LimeWire

But this shouldn’t be anything important to you right? it’s not like you have limewire right? or have ever used it? or download illegally right?

As of September 2010 lime wire had over 500 million monthly active users. And their software had been downloaded in excess of  80 million times. Making it the most popular P2P file sharing application.

Personally I don’t believe or promote the sharing of files. I view files sharing as walking into an HMV, and saying, hmmm… I want the new “[insert popular music group name]” ‘s CD. taking it off the shelf and walking out of the store.

The artist doesn’t get paid for that CD you just stole, the store records it a loss in their books, and you just completely compromised any moral spine you might have had…everyone loses.

Internet Radio

In 2008 I made a firm and clear decision that I would no longer longer download music and movies. So far so good. It’s now been two years without downloading… and  I still have music buzzing through my headphones on a daily basis. Welcome to “internet radio”; commercial free publicly broadcast music goodness.

Here’s a few sites to get you started:





The New Wave

Some bands have caught on that there is just no fighting this new wave of downloading, they have actually put their music online… free for the taking. For example,  Angles and Airwaves, they recently released their new full length album on free/donation basis. This allows the end user to determine the value of the music. Even if the average donation is only 3-5 dollars multiply that by a million and the band is actually still making some good money. These bands (or managers) have also learned that the real money is in concerts. With avg. ticket prices starting at $75 a pop, so they attempt to hook the fans in the with a free album in hopes of getting them out to the concert… which are always worth it.  A good concert is so much more than buying the album… You actually get to experience the music. Almost live the music.

Quit Stealing

The limewire take down is a small victory for the anti-file sharing advocates, there are still a barrage of other p2p file sharing clients out there ready and willing to fill the new void that has been created.

Client/Downloads: (2009)
Frostwire 4.18 – 20,776,001
BitComet 1.13 – 72,812,248
Vuze – 3,182,256
uTorrent 1.8.3  - 5,488,069
Mp3 Rocket 5.2 – 4,383,626
BitTorrent 6.2 –  15,331,028
Morpheus5.4  - 173,872,046
>LimeWire Pro 5.1.4 – 654,914
Ares Galaxy 2.1.1 – 416,879

I’ll have to say, personally i’m happy to see this happen. I support the arts and I know how much work goes into producing music. Just ask our very own Chris Elliott ( twitter- @ChrisAndFame ). He spends countless hours working on his rhymes, and even longer recording/mixing. When you share files you are essentially stealing from people like Chris, people that work hard to producing something for your pleasure, and you reward them by stealing it?

I’m not saying everyone is guilty of this, but millions are. So is it wrong that the record companies should get involved? is it wrong that government should order limewire to stop aiding and abetting millions of criminal transactions?


  • Anonymous

    I love your passion. I also love your promotion of SHUFFLER!!! The internet radio is the way to go. Also sites like datpiff.com provide rap heads like me with free/sponsored mixtapes. The music industry has been revolutionized and it’s time we all catch up :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks man! So many new public and legal ways to access music now!

  • http://twitter.com/ambersz Amber Sziklasi

    I’ll have to try out those internet radio sites! It’s also strange that the government waited this long to start targeting sites like Limewire…

    I’ve always wondered if artists may have taken it as a compliment that their songs were being downloaded all over the internet – I’m glad Angels and Airwaves embraced it. It’s the same with television and movies… Some shows may not do well on TV, but have a huge online following. The show Heroes, for example, fell to about 5 million viewers on tv in it’s 4th season, which was too low so it got axed without even being able to have a proper season/series finale. What they may not have realized was half their target audience is more prone to downloading or streaming their episodes online (Heroes, season 2, episode 2′s TAMi [total audience measure index] was around 17 million… 5 million of those people were from another realm besides TV. And that was just counted from the few days after it was broadcast – not ongoing). Some people just like waiting to buy the DVD (it’s torture watching shows like Heroes, Dexter or the ever popular Lost only one at a time! Way better being able to watch them one after the other).

    Anyways, I guess my point is you can’t truly measure the success of a show/artist/song anymore – at least not traditionally.

    And, I agree, It takes hundreds or thousands of people to make those forms of entertainment happen – we shouldn’t be stealing their work.

  • Chris Elliott

    I must say, I’m guilty as charged. I’ve probably stolen a King’s ransom in music over the years, and I will continue to do so. Most artists these days, expect and even appreciate people downloading their music. True artists will argue that it’s not the monetary profit that counts, but the piece of mind that a lot of people are able to connect and relate with them.

    HOWEVER… That was a great post. Kudos. Very informative.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    I’m kinda indifferent on the matter.
    I do buy CDs quite often.
    But can be found downloading songs form time to time too.
    I do however believe in showing love to those artists.
    that can only be done by buying their beats.

  • James Howell

    Interesting article and a good debate. I can certainly agree with you that going on Limewire and downloading the new Katie Perry CD instead of buying it is, “stealing.” However I believe that the music industry is trending away from traditional album releases to a more internet-based downloadable approach. Inevitably, I feel that the “P2P sharing wars” are a much larger problem for mainstream performers, while up-and-coming, fringe and indie acts such as F.A.M.E. or Just-In-Rhymes for the most part wholly support, extensively use and advocate P2P file sharing and free downloads. I like to call this latter group, “the good shit.”

    I love fresh music, particularly in the electronic genre. In my spare time I truly enjoy reading about and listening to new dubstep/electro/house music on my favorite electronic music blogs and site’s (vacaywave.com, weareskitzo.com, thenewmontreal.com etc. etc.). On each of these sites you can download pretty much every song that’s available for streaming on the site. When an artist makes a new track, they fire off the file to these sites to upload them ASAP. How cool is it that your favorite artists make a new track one day, and later that night I am listening to it at home. When they come to toronto or somewhere in BC (depending on where I am) I gladly PAY to go see them.

    Another cool example of the changing of the music industry is Mad Decent, Diplo’s record lable. On this site you’ll find new music and mixtapes from a plethora of artists every day! Take Diplo personally; 5 days ago he released “Mansions on the Moon,” an amazing trip-hop/dubstep/hip hop mixtape…completely free for people to download and enjoy! But Mad Decent tracks aren’t all free, many of their releases are for purchase and I am totally down to pay for them (and do!) because they were willing to SHARE their music with me in the first place. Just like in “The Social Network,” they make it cool first, and make money later.

    I feel that these days truly great/cool/innovative music comes from those who make new track, mixtape or album and throw it online for the masses to enjoy, free of charge. When the option comes to buy some new stuff from them sometime in the future, maybe ill be all the more willing to help them out. My perfect example of this comes from the last album I bought, the new Die Antwoord EP. This South African Hip Hop crew got famous online with their super raw style and bomb beats. They are the real deal, and gave their shit away for free…now they are turning heads and have released an EP, and I chose to buy it to support them. It was the least I could do for all the free music they gave to me in the first place.

    Up and coming artists like F.A.M.E. and Just-In-Rhymes thrive off this format, and I hope it continues!

    • James Howell

      Sorry folks, that new diplo mixtape is called “Paradise Falls.” heres the link! enjoy, its serious business. http://maddecent.com/blog/benzi-diplo-present-paradise-falls-mixtape

    • Anonymous

      James, thanks for the awesome feedback, so nice to get some input from another electro, house and dubstep listener, Those sites are wicked, i’ll totally be hitting them up on a regular basis!. Thanks for your input!!!

      • James Howell

        Thanks Brian. that was a great article, it got my mind moving. I checked out some of that Pogo stuff too, its definitely pretty cool! I have to find this Dexter remix. I’m enjoying the site and the writing! Keep it up.

      • James Howell

        Also Brian, if you don’t have one grab a hype machine account. I am at hypem.com/#/jhowl. All those music blog sites are directly linked to hypem. If you have an account already send me your link!

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