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Let’s Play Dress Up

Once again, October is upon us. Halloween is just around the corner, and a members of an unoriginal, plagiaristic and redundant society, I am unfortunately left to expect the same bullshit riff-raff as last year. Girls dressed as naughty cops and nurses, white men dressed as black men, everyone and their grandmother dressed as Snooki. The list goes on and on and on.

Among the uninspired and completely lack-luster attempts at creativity on this devilish night, remain a few ghoulish exceptions. Every now and then people step out of the norm… At times, a bit too far. Other times, WAY too far. Alas, that is what Halloween is all about! A chance to be outrageous. An opportunity to exercise some unbridled self-expression, otherwise restrained for the other 364 days of the year.

This post is a tribute to those whom have taken their Halloween costume, and driven it completely into crazy-town. I salute your desire to be bold.

Observe and enjoy the outlandishness.

*DISCLAIMER* Within this gallery, you may or may not find some completely unrelated Kim Kardashian Halloween pictures that bare no relevance to the rest of this piece. For the inconsistency I apologize. I just love me some Kimmy Cakes. That Cheetah jumpsuit? God damn girl… Don’t hurt nobody!


  • Anonymous

    You’re CRAZY for this one!!!

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