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Rewind to the 80’s has come to a temporary end, and it’s both a sad and joyous occasion. Earlier this week I offered you my first quarter wrap up. Therein I unveiled some introductory information about the Golden Road. To reiterate the Golden Road consists of updates relating to my annual awards, The Golden Babies. Furthermore, the Golden Road will conclude in December with a few awards of its own, one of those being “Best Non-TIFF Festival.”

The reason I bring this up is because it was these retro films that introduced me to cinematic circles beyond Toronto’s self-titled festivities. First, I attended “The Great Digital Film Festival” where I revisited two classics. Thereafter I headed to Twitch’s multi-month “Back to the 80’s” extravaganza at the Bell Lightbox. Last Saturday I viewed the sixth (and currently) final film for the series; a classic Dungeons and Dragons romp known as Krull.

Since then I’ve been alluding (via Twitter) to the idea of a guest appearance for this finale, now let me introduce him. Fellow Blogger, elder sibling, and co-attendee at 5 of the 6 picks covered: John Gerontzos.

The Twitch Poster”Krull” revolves around Prince Colwyn and his journey to recover the magic Glaive, (a star-fish shaped boomerang with blades). With the Glaive he hopes to rescue his beautiful bride, Princess Lyssa; a storybook damsel in distress kidnapped by The Beast.

While the tale of “rescuing a princess” is as old as time, this 80’s flick is so wonderfully cheese it feels brand new.  Take The Princess Bride and mix in some Star Wars with a smidge of The Never Ending Story and you have yourself a deliciously crispy Krull.

I found the characters in this film very endearing.  From the lead Colwyn (Ken Marshall) to the witty-wizard Ergo (David Battley) all the performances were played with the right amount of childish flare and adult drama.  Also, Ynyr (Freddie Jones) must be mentioned. This wise sage tugged at the heartstrings with his story of lost love.

This non-stop adventure never once left the audience bored or frustrated with its direction.  The ending in particular was as “fairy tale” as any fantasy film lover could ask for. Movies these days tend to take themselves seriously; thank God for Krull which filmed for fun instead!

There you have it, the end of an era and MLatM’s first guest feature. I too enjoyed seeing Krull again, as well as the after-show D&D session that ensued. Thank you Front Row Centre Events for the hi-def reels; thank you Twitch for the rare gems. When you guys return with your teen film follow up trust that I’ll be back for more fodder.


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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for letting me come along for the ride on this piece Jonny! Can’t wait to go back to the LightBox for more 80′s action via Twitch with 80′s Teen flicks!

    And to those not willing to give movies like Krull a chance just remember that most ambitious movies only get a shot because someone had enough heart to trust in them. Hope fans can do the same!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, fans need to speak up about the films they love. MLatM is a series for fans, by a fan. It’s not only great to have you as a fellow fan writing this, but that you there for so much behind the scenes work as well. I love this blog. The pain that birthed it has made something absolutely beautiful. Eighty-Five blogs in and I am truly just beginning. There is so much yet to come sometimes I am overwhelmed by all that I am taking on. I want to leave a legacy, to tell the world about what I love… Movies. [And don't forget my <3 Blog ;) ]

      To the people crazy enough to be interested… I adore you. Johnny you have been there for the most of it, so it was an honor to have you write a piece I knew you would do justice. Great night! When Twitch returns I agree they should bring Lucas to the festival. It would be a honor to have a late Toronto legend return to the big screen. RIP Corey Haim.

  • Chris Elliott

    Wow, this was cool. Love how you guys did the collab effort on this one. Very well written Johnny. Loved your take.

    • Anonymous

      Trust I wanna get your lil sultry ass on a MLatM. You let me know which films you are interested in working together on, and we will make a night of it. This particular adventure was so well put together.

      We hit up TIFF and thereafter went to Hamilton to play some D&D. Considering the movie was originally billed as a Dungeons & Dragons adaptation it was so fitting. Furthermore, it really helped bring out some ideas over the wonderment of the flick.

      Let me know little bro. MLatM is only going to continue to expand ;)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Chris. It was fun going back and watching this movie, it truly did influence a lot of movies (and was influenced by a lot as well). We had a great time and thanks to Junior Godfrey for the guest-bill!

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  • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

    This is late, but I hadn’t seen Krull until today. Don’t know how I grew up without seeing this one actually. Anyway, I agree it’s entirely a product of its time – they don’t make them like this any more. And it definitely keeps moving for its whole two hours – the only time it pauses is for the spider-Widow Web sequence, which was my favorite part of the movie. A nice little interlude and intro to a story we never see. Great write-up. You (both) should definitely visit the 80s some more – I hope this isn’t the last rewind.

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