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Korean Grill House

I have an idea… Lets go out for dinner, and pay money, to cook our own food! That concept sounds absolutely preposterous doesn’t it? Well, I think so too. At least I did think so. Last night I had the unexpected pleasure of going to the Korean Grill House on Queen west with a close friend. Let me just say, I was completely blown away. That being said, I certainly didn’t go in thinking that I was going to be disappointed in any way. I just didn’t expect to be so satisfied.

There were a million things on the menu, but we decided to order the “all you can eat platter” with some hot Sake. When the food arrived, there was beef, pork, chicken, sausage, short ribs, a few types of fish, rice and vegetables. Between the two of us, we easily ate considerably more than we payed for, and enjoyed every ounce. The atmosphere inside the restaurant was like no other I had seen. The focus was taken off conversation, ambiance, waiting for service etc. It was all blended into an almost play-time scenario, where you got to be your own chef for the night. I could almost argue, that the experience was empowering, and even liberating in a sense.

If you like asian cuisine, and have the patience (and skill) to cook your own food, I highly reccomend it. This was a fun, inexpensive and extremley delicious alternative to any cuisine I have ever experienced.

Korean Grill House

214 Queen Street West

Toronto, Ontario

416 263 9850


  • Anonymous

    Myself and my boy JLB been going to the KGH on Yonge and Gerard for a while! Nothing better than some beef or chicken, not a fan of the “seafood” though!

  • Anonymous

    First off where did you get the pix? Second I love this place too. Oddly enough I took my mom there for lunch while she was here on Saturday. She loved it. I gotta send her this blog, she’ll love it. Good work my man!!!

  • Anonymous

    one of my favorite places to eat!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anastasia-Gordon/557955297 Anastasia Gordon

    i just know where its at bro!!.. lets just leave it at that. Such a good time especially the Sake incident/puddle the waiter had to clean up while we sat and laughed hysterically ..lol

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