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Knots: The Bow Tie

Bow ties, Vests, and Suspenders. The perfect equation for the quintessential hipster. Maybe so. Or, maybe not. Although the thought of wearing a bow tie seems a little cliche and novel due to a recent over saturation in dive bars and trendy coffee shops, it is and always will remain a classic fashion accessory. With the right outfit, a bow tie can actually be quite sophisticated and completely side-step the impending douchery that has been created over the past few years. This level of sophistication of course, demands a certain combination of garments and obviously, the right bow tie.

When wearing a bow tie, you want to avoid the too-ironic-for-my-own-good-hipster-on-queen-street look and direct your aim towards a just-graduated-from-Harvard-summering-in-the-Hamptons look.

Take the white polka-dot on navy bow tie pictured above and match it with the following.

  1. Sear-sucker pink button-down-collar (oxford style) woven
  2. Thin chocolate brown suede belt
  3. Tan khaki (non-pleated pants)
  4. Burgundy Sperry Top Siders
  5. Navy blue shawl collar pullover sweater

Call it Carlton Banks if you will. I call it unprecedented class.


  • http://twitter.com/ambersz Amber Sziklasi

    I have never been able to see the bow-tie as anything but geeky,… and not the cute geeky. The pocket-protector, tape on glasses geeky… Maybe someone can pull it off, but I have yet to see it.

    Although, the best and sexiest way I’ve seen a bow-tie worn is when it’s untied and hanging loosely around a white dress shirt that has been unbuttoned, signifying the end of a great night… think of Bradley Cooper in this look, and you have the best lookin’ bow-tie ever! :)

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