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King Fantastic: Locals Only

If there is a city I love as much as Toronto it is Los Angeles. Home to the greatest team in sports’ history and the birth-place of gangster rap, Los Angeles is the land where kings are crowned and blood is spilled.

In this climate of conflicted lyricists King Fantastic stands alone. I say this because his angst is rooted in issues unlike many of today’s other profound mic-controllers. His issues rest with his city and the urge to guard its gates.

As walk-of-fame wannabe’s and gangsters-in-training continue to pour in through the cracks, King sounds the warning call to take up arms against these alien threats.

This warrior’s chant is titled “Locals Only,” and I’m praying for an exception to the rule the day I return to see Laker purple reclaim its gold.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/King-Fantastic-Locals-Only.mp3|titles=King Fantastic -- Locals Only]

Post Script: More updates on King Fantastic’s new album “Death of Summer” coming soon!!!



  • Anonymous

    Love this track, been listening to it all day

    • Anonymous

      I am not surprised in the slightest. You are definitely one of Reese’s most dedicated supporters. Can’t wait for that video to finally drop, and it is good to see his Twitter presence has returned after all that work.

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