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King Charles – Heir to the Throne

Writing and music are two of my passions. With Dreamland, I’m bringing them together to shed light on some of the upcoming artists/bands in the music industry. It’s my job to find the “diamonds in the rough” if you will. There are so many amazing artists out there that just need a little recognition.

Today, I’m going to tackle one of the UK’s rising talents, King Charles. Virtually unknown in North America (he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page!), he’s looking to make a name for himself and he’s got the talent to do it.

I first discovered King Charles as the opening act for Mumford and Sons in October. Like every other show I’ve been to, I wasn’t expecting much and I was just hoping for his set to end quickly.

Out from the darkness appears this man with hair down to his knees and dressed like someone from the Royal Family. He walked with this silent confidence but I was sure the gimmick would get tiresome quickly. Especially with these tight white pants that exposed areas inappropriate for a first date! Then it dawned on me, this guy is a straight Freddy Mercury…I think. However, the next few moments changed my life forever.

This man’s voice is incredible. With no music or instruments to accompany him, he grabs hold of the mic releasing something magical. I stood in awe as King Charles captivated everyone in attendance with a voice reminiscent of Jeff Buckley but with so much more power. I had never witnessed anything like this in my life from the opening act.

From that point on, he held his guitar close to his chest which allowed me to pay attention to the songwriting. The way Charles can tie words together is magical. It almost seems effortless with the way it all flows together. “For the sun on my skin as the morning begins, I would die in the darkness to feel your skin on my skin.” Beautiful, yet full of emotion at the same time. He pours his heart into every word he sings, and it is easy to see and hear that he is attached to the lyrics he is writing.

One of the greatest things about King Charles is that he can attract so many different kinds of music fans. He can attract the people that just like to listen to a man with his guitar and his voice alone. And then there’s the fans that will be attracted to his more up-beat and piano based songs like his first single “Love Lust.” And finally, there will be the people who are just simply attracted to the man’s creativity best shown on his 21st century version of the Billy Joel classic “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

After the show I spoke to King Charles and I promised him that he was going to be huge very soon. I hope I’m right because this man has so much to bring to the table. He’s original, he’s talented, he’s creative and he dresses like a man set to take the throne, what’s not to love! Look for his debut album due out some time this year!

If you have any other upcoming artists that you feel deserve the recognition, let me know in the comments section. Maybe I’ll feature them in the next blog!

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/King-Charles-We-Didnt-Start-The-Fire1.mp3|titles=King Charles - We Didn't Start The Fire]



  • Anonymous

    Awesome post man! You nailed it! Can’t wait for next one!

  • Chris Elliott

    Very nicely done sir. Awesome job! I really dig this guy. This is such a great find. I’m looking forward to more of your pieces. Welcome aboard brotha! 

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to Dreamland, and what an entrance you made for yourself. Though I may not be sold on the songs… yet. I must admit that the presentation is spot on. Great writing, keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to Dreamland, and what an entrance you made for yourself. Though I may not be sold on the songs… yet. I must admit that the presentation is spot on. Great writing, keep up the great work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    Thanks guys! I’m glad to be aboard with Dreamland and I look forward to future blogs! This one was a little tough to write at the beginning but eventually it all came together. And I can understand your opinion Jon, I wish I could have posted some of his songs from his EP but they’re almost impossible to find on Youtube. If you want, I bought his EP at the concert and it’s only 4 songs but I can lend it to you and I think you might change your opinion. Thanks again boys!

  • Anonymous

    welcome dude!  great first post and i was surprised how much i liked this!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      Yeah it might take a few listens before you really like it, I know it wasn’t my favourite first time I heard this version of it. When he played this song at the show, he just played it with a guitar and it sounded amazing.

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