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Killer Heels, Sexy Stilettos

Hello lovers! I know, you’ve missed me. Or at least, you realize you did now. Well, I missed you too, but I was out on the sunny plains of Africa, so you’ll have to forgive me. What did I miss most about not being in Canada though? High heeled shoes. And no, I’m not joking.

Can’t wear high heels in Swaziland. Not on those mountainous ranges, nor in the savannahs, nor hiking through the safaris with hippos and lions in the bush… At least, I can’t. The women there are in stilettos all day every day, walking to work on those peaks and valleys of roads. I’m in awe. For me, upon my week long return to Toronto, I found myself donning amazon heels every day, every night, all week long. Something about the height, the walk, the length of the leg and the sexiness of a beautiful shoe… beats flats every day. And on a flat concrete city like Toronto: so easy to wear.

I’m lucky, I can walk, run and dance in my heels. I’m loving the beautiful Prada collection for spring/summer and of course, Louboutin’s new season brings some stellar heights, colors and mixes ferocious punk with a glamour pin up style. My personal favorites upon my return? A pair of African-Queen inspired stiletto sandals done by Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain. With the bold and wild colours and thick beaded straps, I felt like I was dancing on the sun. Here’s me in a Maz Azria cut-out dress and the sexy sandals. Fantastic? I think so.

For some reason, half way through the week, a blizzard hit the city. I was infuriated. I did not leave sunny 35 degree weather for this glacial homecoming. But what a great time to pull out my other favorite shoe: the bootie. Sometimes you just have to show your legs, even in minus ten temperature. These are by the magnificent Barbara Bui – and with all the hardware, a simple navy dress, also by Max Azria ( I swear I’m not sponsored by him!) was all that was needed to complete the outfit. That and some great jewellery, of course!

So I’m back off to Swaziland tonight – back into my trusted flats to walk to work, walk through the bush, and runners to train in. Flats everywhere, le sigh. It doesn’t get much better than that. Meanwhile I’ll be dreaming about my return in five months and being five inches taller in little works of art designed in beautiful Italian leather for my feet.

See that’s the thing about killer heels: they might be last season, they might be last year; but they’ll always be in style.



  • Anonymous

    Your kick game is crazy as usual. Like I told you from the gate I got a thing for a woman in stems, and that still hasn’t changed. Go stunt on em… I’ma be daydreaming about a goddess in nothing but the perfect pair.

    • Claravaz

      I didn’t want to go all the way out on a limb and talk about heels in bed, but if you want I’d love to write about fashion for the bedroom – an extension on the very first piece I did!!

      • Anonymous

        You know you are free to attack any and all fashion here! Great job on this one, you are horrible for my shoe fetish!

  • Chris Elliott

    Clara, it’s so nice to hear from you. Very cool blog as per usual. And I must say, I absolutely love both pairs pictured. You fancy huh!?

  • http://twitter.com/sabrina_camp sabrina

    damn girl those are some great heels.
    fun read!

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