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Kill A Dilla Beat: Music Video

It’s not often you come home from a little off-Broadway splendor to be floored by some urban-audio-visual inspiration. However, tonight that is exactly what happened. Multi-syllable adjectives and situational details aside what I am trying to talk about is the new video for “Kill a Dilla Beat.”

Late last month I wrote a blog about David Versis and his introductory mixtape Drafted; an exceptional set of songs that I struggle to accept as B-Sides. His masters are crystal, and his delivery grizzly. Furthermore, the album art was exceptional, and the fact that he has a sponsored Datpiff link shows he’s professional. Versis is the real deal and now that he has a video under his belt even more people are going to start seeing that.

I promise you that Toronto has another famous hit-maker on their hands here. If you didn’t recognize that with “Curse” then you did when he dropped “Drafted.” If you don’t realize this with the video then you will when he drops “Hate To Say It” on January 21st!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509428908 Clara Vaz

    LOVE the track and LOVE the video. What a cutie. Great beat.

    • Anonymous

      Thx for the quick read and listen. Funny enough I was reading theeternlist’s latest while you were reading this. Anyways, Versis is a genius and a treasured artist for Dreamland. Can’t wait for “Hate to Say It.” He is killing me with the wait.

  • Anonymous

    Versus killed the beat on this man. Obviously he is a better rapper than Madlib and Dilla came on their track but as a crate digger I have to post the original! Feel that it needs to be noted those who may not know where this came from!


    • Anonymous

      Nice! I agree that people need to know the original and I’m sure Versis would feel the same way. Glad you are enjoying this, I think people need to know how big of a deal that is cause you don’t just like anyone. Much love big bro!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WAFXLXV3RIY3QGBWFFTUWAAL3I Adam

    Alright I’m back to posting – awesome piece Godfrey … but its obviously about the artist (although we love you too Jon). Already loved the song, the video made me want to be present, and the concept was more then entertaining. Mr. Versis I know you’ll read this so PLEASE keep up the good hard work – I think you’re on deck to be the next big thing!!

    • Anonymous

      It is all about Versis on this one, and I know he is reading this. One of the things I wish I added to this post was some insight about the video concept. I love the parallel of him walking through the party/post party and showing the difference. I also love how the post party clean up leads to him in the studio getting ready to drop “Hate to Say it”!!!!

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