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Kicking Horse Coffee

For my last post of the Christmas advent I’d thought I’d share one of the secrets to my greatness. (It’s a long story…)

It’s a well known fact that I love coffee. I drink it everyday; sometimes even twice or three times a day. I was notorious for having a stockpile of Tim Horton’s cups stacked up around my drafting table in university. However, I wasn’t always crazy about coffee. My understanding and appreciation of coffee has come a long way since I started drinking it — well before the Starbucks bandwagon. Which arguably isn’t even really coffee… I mean i’m sure there is coffee in there… somewhere

Vente Mocha with one shot, iced, caramel sauce on the top and bottom, no whip, light on the ice, and 7 pumps of peppermint syrup.

What I’d like to “re-introduce” you too is real coffee goodness. It’s pure undiluted awesomeness in every drop.  If you haven’t met already, I now present to you the one and only –  Kicking Horse Coffee

Like most things in my life there is a story behind this:

It all starts back on Ironwood Road in Guelph. It was what felt like my 10th year of university and I’d just moved into my 5th new apartment in a row! With a new apartment comes new roommates, each roommate having their own drawbacks and perks.  In this house I was introduced to a “different” kind of roommate; he was a guy who had moral standards unlike any I’ve ever come across. He lived everyday like it was his last day. He dropped out of university to pursue a career in partying (in his final year no less). He’d done just about every drug, he smoked like a chimney, did some jail time, and he’d slept with well over 100 women! He hadn’t had an easy life and he went without a lot of things — including all of his teeth (which he exchanged for dental implants having broken the real ones from extreme-sports injuries.)

If there is one thing my roommate never went without it was good food. He swore by always eating the best food because, “life was short, so enjoy it.” And he did. In the year that I lived in this house he stole over $2000 worth of groceries. Yet he didn’t consider himself a thief, he just felt food was over priced. Anyway, it was this very same person who introduced me to Kicking Horse Coffee. On Sundays my roomate would travel to the store and come home with a back pack full of goodies. He’d get the most expensive cheese, fresh cut deli meat, and my favorite… Kicking Horse Coffee.

Kicking Horse is a Canadian coffee company from Invermere BC. Their products can be found in dozens of cafes around the world. And they have opened their own signature cafe next to their roasting facility!  They specialize in creating unique blends by importing beans from countries you and I will probably never travel to.

Although Kicking Horse has a wide variety of flavours to choose from the following are my favorites.

Kick Ass

The name says it all: carpe diem, play to win, no regrets. Don’t let this cute little donkey fool you—he plays for keeps. This take-no-prisoners roast is popular with athletes who’d rather enjoy a good cup of coffee than choke down an energy bar before a workout. A great mix of Indonesian and Central American beans that is guaranteed to kick some sense into you.

454 Horse Power

Easily the most powerful concoction we’ve created. 454 Horse Power is an Indonesian-based heavy-bodied coffee with an earthy taste. Kicking Horse Coffee’s lone female roaster took it upon herself to give the blend its now-infamous name, because this blend gets fired up to 454 degrees. Be forewarned: don’t tangle with this horse unless you’re prepared to get bucked…

Three Sisters

The trio of peaks known as the Three Sisters are just outside of Banff National Park near Canmore, Alberta. It is among the most photographed vistas in the Canadian Rockies. This blend pays homage to it with a triple punch of light, medium and dark roasts of Indonesian, Central and South American beans.

If you’re looking to purchase this coffee and don’t have a grinder you can purchase one through our new  recommended products page. Look for the “food” category at  the top right.  The grinder and the coffee would make a great gift for under $40

for more information on Kicking horse coffee you can check out their website  http://kickinghorsecoffee.com/


  • Anonymous

    I have developed a love for coffee since working in media. I definitely have to steal a cup off you next time I am over.

    What I love most about this blog is the story. Finding out the depth of a persons relationship to a product is always enjoyable. The personal touch was nice and appreciated. Thanks for the holiday brew my man!!!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT COMPANY!!! Remember I HAVE to try this when I come over.

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