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Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M

Remember what I said about Hip-hop duo’s? Unstoppable twosomes of rhyme? Well… it’s safe to say that this one tops the list – at least my list!

Kanye West and Jay-Z have done numerous tracks together in the past, but in 2011 their first collaborative studio album entitled Watch The Throne will be released. H.A.M (Hard As a Motherfucker) is the first single.

Jay-Z Fans: Look out for Jay’s 1999esque flow.

Kanye West Fans: Look for a continuation of Kanye’s new MBDTF themes.

With an epic beat (produced by Lex Luger) thought provocking verses, and a strong hook, their first single is as promising as any of their prior work. Together or otherwise.


[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Kanye-West-Jay-Z-H.A.M..mp3|titles=Kanye West & Jay-Z - H.A.M.]


  • Anonymous

    hATE THESE GUYS, LOVE THEIR MUSIC! Can’t wait for this ablum to drop! Lex Luger isn’t the greatest producer but he mad an Epic Godfather meets The Exorcist type beat right here! Great job!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand Jigga as you know, but I am working towards being able to handle him. So far I’ve given the track two listens, I like how Yeezy dominates this first effort from the album, but I LOVE the ride out at the end of the track. This is some great production, gotta listen a lot more to analyze the delivery. Great blog!

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