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Kanye West – Eyes Closed

Well, you can tack this onto the list of songs that absolutely, no questions asked, should have been on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. From the samples and the melodies, to the vocals and lyrics, Eyes Closed is consistent to the general feel of his most recent offering. On this moody, honest and extremely open song, Kanye lets us even further into his psyche. Lyrics like “I sold my soul to the devil, that’s a crapy deal/At least it came with a few toys, like a happy meal” fully commit to his ongoing admittance of the unhappiness his fame brings. For those who don’t usually ponder the stress that celebrity-level fame leads to, pay attention to both the figurative and literal messages in this track. Upon listening, I guarantee Kanye’s closed eyes will open yours. 


Kanye West – Eyes Closed 


  • Anonymous

    Okay on my second listen… I’m working on a response, LOL


  • Anonymous

    Working on the 2011 mixtape already huh??!!

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