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Kalifornia: Kreayshawn & Kendrick

The sun rises in the East, but it sets in the West; looks like dusk has again graced raps horizons. With so many states claiming to be the land of milk and honey I’m happy to hear some of the loudest cries coming from California. Despite the fact I constantly boast of Toronto being hip-hop’s new and holy house, I enjoy the alternate opinions of San Francisco and Los Angeles as well.

My return readers you know I’m a big supporter of King Fantastic. The Los Angeles native is not only someone I value as a great musician, but also a friend. Recently I reported that Reese is back with some sumo-sized audio. And while “Locals Only” has found its way into my music rotation, there are some other K’s in Kali who’ve done the same.

Kendrick Lamar is an official member of XXL’s Freshman 11, he’s affiliated with Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, and he’s the first Compton Crooner I’ve ever come across. No he doesn’t sing like Sinatra, but he flows like Dean, and has that Nasty-Nas-Rat-Pack swag. If you don’t believe peep his video below.

Kraeyshawn is of the opposite sex and on the other side of state. Born in the Sucka Free city and raised in Raiderville this sassy little spitter already has a track on the ever expansive Entourage OST. The same song backing Vince and the boys was also covered by Weezy on his latest mixtape. She’s a certified slice of something new, and she’s got sex appeal to boot!

Kalifornia is where I spent some of my greatest summers. Luckily this summer has been filled with its sounds, reminding me why it remains a second home.



  • Chris Elliott

    DUDE! This is amazing. I’m SOOOO glad you did this piece. I have (as you know) been more and more curious about Kendrick, and with this piece that same curiosity will continue on with Kreayshawn. Cali has been overlooked ever since Pac dropped and, besides Snoop, Dre, and Game, it’s this new school shit that has the potential to really bring it back. What up to Nipsey as well. SLIME! 

    • Anonymous

      I’m a Nipsey fan, but I haven’t heard much from him as of late. Hopefully these two keep the pressure popping. Also, I was right, The Game does have a new mixtape out #hoodmorning ;)

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