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Just-In-Rhymes – Something In The Attic

The hard work, dedication and unwavering commitment that Just-In-Rhymes has put into his debut album is unparalleled to the efforts of any other artist I have ever been in contact with. From the seemingly never ending Timbuktu studio sessions (beginning in mid 2011), to the extensive mixing and mastering process (spilling into this past summer), Justin’s masterpiece Something In The Attic was certainly a labor of love.

Fortunately his blood, sweat and tears were not sacrificed in vain. From the hard hitting intro “Everything” to the album’s nostalgic closer “Yesterday” Justin and his crack-squad of highly respected producers, engineers and rappers left absolutely no room for negative critique.

Throughout it’s 14 tracks, a roller coaster of emotions is explored unapologetically and with complete vulnerability. During the album’s most chilling track “Straw Dogs”, the fictitious plot of a menacing rampage climaxes into a nightmare sure to frighten the squeamish and please the wicked.

Perhaps the most progressive and advanced song the album boasts is “Sproink”. With a feature from Timbuktu and Info The Astronaut, Mr. Rhymes is definitely in good company.

Without question, Something In The Attic is a superb first offering and will prove to be the first major milestone in the lengthy and prosperous career of Just-In-Rhymes.

If you wish to purchase the album, you may do so here:





Bandcamp – Enjoy a free download of Justin’s lead single “Never Loved” HERE!




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