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Just-In-Rhymes – Signs Go By (Featuring FAME)

It’s a new day in the rap game! After the success of his first official mixtape released in the summer of 2010 entitled “Willing and Able”, Just-In-Rhymes has been ferociously knocking down doors and making solid connections in the music industry. Practice makes perfect, and that could not be closer to the truth with Justin’s latest efforts. While most rappers sit back and wait for the music industry to call on them, he’s been steadily working away at accomplishing his goals of success and super-stardom.

On Justin’s latest effort “Signs Go By” I had the distinct privilege to collaborate my efforts and help turn this song into the monster that it is. The sample-heavy chorus, inspired by some of hip-hop’s most memorable lines, is sure to stir up some nostalgia, while the hard hitting baseline offers up a very electric surge of inspiration.

I’m not one to gas myself up, but I think it’s safe to say that we both snapped on this record. With a little help from INFO, and a lot of herbal remedies, this track is definitely one of our best.

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Signs Go By


  • Anonymous

    Proud of you fam! Your verse is proper and it’s good to see you doing what you love. We all got dreams, and we’re all living them thanks to your baby DREAMLAND!

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks dude. I’m very humbled by your love. It felt good to step out again and lay some shit down.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m not saying I got riches, I just don’t know what to do with all my bitches!”

    I’m speechless fam, great job from the both of you! OLD head stand up!

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks brotha. I really appreciate the love. We had a lot of fun making it. I’m glad people dig it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Howitt/120806331 Justin Howitt

    Thanks for the love Dreamland! Holla when the spring line up is ready, i want to rep it all day!
    one love

    • Chris Elliott

      I got you dog.

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