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Just-In-Rhymes & Nickelbag – Couch Potatoes EP

Dreamland’s first official artist Just-In-Rhymes and affiliate producer Nickelbag, were working hard during the final hours of 2011. What has resulted? An extremely polished, well put together and captivating EP ironically titled Couch Potatoes. I use the word ironic because Mr. Rhymes and wizard-magician-all-around-genius producer Nickelbag have been anything but lazy with this project. In just a matter of weeks, they have birthed 9 classic songs that completely capture the essence of their moods, attitudes and beliefs.

Fans of Justin’s previous work can expect his usual 50/50 mixture of wit and grit, but also an evident presence of undeniable innovation and growth. Songs like the mellow title track Couch Potatoes allow Justin to play around with new flows and concepts. Throughout the album his lyrics have been carefully mapped out and polished, providing even more luster than his previous works. This is evident on his club anthem featuring B-Mac entitled Bottoms Up. There is no way to articulate the instant joy garnered from hearing this song. From the minute the beat drops, the listener is completely overcome with it’s unstoppable energy. On the album’s ballad Sunshine, Info The Astronaut lends a hand with a very well sung hook and an on-point-as-always 16. Justin and Info have been working together for years and throughout their 3 shared tracks within, they display an obvious groove and comfort with eachother.

From a production standpoint, every single beat is a slam dunk. Nickelbag has been working extremely hard perfecting his craft and this offering is obvious evidence of just that. With a 90′s New York influence mixed with a modern sample-heavy touch, his instrumental compositions are beyond impressive. The natural chemistry between these two artists are brought together wonderfully, resulting in a truly enjoyable audio experience from start to finish.

Justin’s efforts on this album were unparalleled. He is constantly improving and continuing to prove his worth in this crazy game we call Hip-Hop.

Download Couch Potatoes for free here.






  • Anonymous

    After an initial listen I have to say that it’s great to hear a coherent sound and plot. Direction is an important step for an artist to take and this one was thoroughly enjoyable. Production is tight and the guest appearances give it variety. It’s a certified album, and a good one at that. God bless in all you do and keep it up!

    • Chris Elliott

      I’m glad you dug it dude. Justin, Matt and Adam worked really hard on this shit and they deserve every ounce of credit for it’s quality. I’m so happy to see people that love the game this much make moves.

      • Anonymous

        My two favorite songs are both of the Info guest appearances. That kid gets better every time.

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