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Just-In-Rhymes – Cancerous (Feat. F.A.M.E) (Produced by Smart)

The tension hasn’t even been eased and we’re back for more! When Justin and myself enter the lab together, we always exit inspired, energized and extremely motivated. This was undoubtedly the case last night. Accompanied by Mr. Smart and his laptop treasure chest overflowing with beats gems, we had trouble deciding where to start. However, when our long-time producer sampled, mixed and mastered a special beat for us on the spot, (on his iPhone) we were instantly sold.

The mood in the studio was light and fun, so we thought it only appropriate for the song’s topic to reflect that. Yes ladies, this masterpiece was inspired by you, and though the lyrical content might seem crude, it is all in good fun.

As always, we had a blast making this record, and fans can definitely expect more collaborations from the three of us very soon. In the mean time, I’ve heard there may be Something In The Attic… stay tuned.

Cancerous [Feat. F.A.M.E.] (Produced by Smart)



  • Anonymous

    LOL, y’all sound like you had a blast on this one. Also, the line you cut that picture off on… Genius. Keep griding boys it’s good to see you back in the lab together so quickly.

    • Chris Elliott

      Means a lot dude! Thanks very much for the love. We definitely had fun on this one. Really good vibe. Sorry ladies!!! bahahahaha yerrrr!!! *consequence voice* 

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