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Jim Jones – Perfect Day (song and video)

Jim Jones is often known for violent, crude and harsh lryical content. He is widely recognized and respected for his boardroom-meets-block mentality and throughout most of his songs this exact context is represented to the fullest.

Along with his gritty subject matter, comes his just-as-gritty delivery. Usually appearing angry and aggressive on most songs, Jim relates to his audience on an honest and open level. Perhaps due to that earned credibility and trust, Jim felt comfortable releasing his noticeably softer new single entitled “Perfect Day”.

The song says what we all think. It discusses a fantasy in which we as people hope to one day realize. A day where everything is just…perfect. Now Jim’s idea of a perfect day may be different than yours, but the direction is definitely the same.

In this sing-songy and at times up-beat rap/pop record, Jim Jones lets us know exactly what his Perfect Day entails…Curious?


Jim Jones – Perfect Day



  • Anonymous


    • Chris Elliott

      That’s what it is! CAPO!!!

  • Sportce_media

    Jim Jones Dedicates ‘Perfect Day’ To Cancer Patients, Soldiers


    • Chris Elliott

      Jim Jones is a great man. He does stuff like that all the time. #slimelove

  • Julian

    Everybody Jones !

  • Anonymous

    There he is, back with another one!
    Jones is dope but god I love Santana…Santana…Santana.

    • Chris Elliott

      Yes sir. I agree. I mean I’m a Cam man myself. Through and through. But Jimmy snapped on this one.

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