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Jim Jones – CAPO

Jim Jones was a man who should have never become a rapper. His lyrics were lazy. His voice was practically inaudible. His peers were too big to compete with. Although, somewhere in between silk scarves, bone-chains and thermal shirts, Jim’s natural charm and charisma allowed him to pass through his shortcomings and manifest an incredible career.

For years Jim Jones was Cam’s hype-man. His back up singer. His right-hand man. However once Jim started making his own moves, people starting paying him more and more attention. Most people who followed mainstream Hip-Hop already knew who him and what he was capable of, but it wasn’t until his 2006 smash hit “We Fly High” that the masses really tuned in.

On April 4th, Jim has released his 5th solo studio album entitled CAPO. This album, was in many ways, the most important of his career. Since the diplomats reunited in 2010, a lot of critics and fans alike started doubting the Harlem rapper’s ability to remain relevant on his own. However, any doubt or nay-saying that occurred, was quickly put to rest upon this iconic album’s release.

With tracks like “Everybody Jones” and “Perfect Day” Jim really breaks out of his traditional style of delivery and explores his talent in a different context. For the pleasure of hardcore Dipset fans, Jim and Cam’ron linked up for one track on the album called “Gettin’ To The Money”. This song, among others only further articulates Jim’s continuously improving lyrical prowess and metaphorical insight. As always, with a new album comes new memorable ad-libs and lingo, both of which can be found throughout.

Overall, CAPO is Jim Jones’ best album to date. The beats are impactful, the lyrics are well-though-out and appropriate. His features are impressive and the overall theme of the album brings great satisfaction given Jim’s career. I highly reccomend you purchase or download CAPO whenever you get the chance.

Top 3 Songs:

Jim Jones – God Bless The Child Ft. Wyclef

God Bless The Child (Featuring Wyclef Jean)

Everybody Jones Ft. Aaron Lacrate

Everybody Jones (Featuring Aaron Lacrate)

Gettin To The Money Ft. Cam’Ron And Lady H

Gettin’ To The Money (Featuring Cam’ron and Lady H)


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a big fan of Jim Jones for a long time. He is still my favorite hip-hop personality, and “Harlem: Diary of a Summer” remains one of my go to discs. Hustler’s POME was his biggest hit, and in Pray IV Reign he started breaking into the mainstream with a more diverse sound. Him and Chink Santana continue to impress me, and when I started to see your push for this album I stayed interested. I’m happy that you love it, I had it in my hands today, but I’ll be buying this soon when scratch is more friendly. Thanks for the write up. CAPO!

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks for reading brother. #EverybodyJones

  • Anonymous


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