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So I have to say, I did not think of this idea on my own. I saw this on a friend’s facebook profile and I was instantly intrigued. Of course the functionality of the iWatch would depend on owning a new iPod Nano, but it’s a cool idea none the less.

The concept is simple. Cool, functional and colourful watch bands harness the iPod Nano and turn it into a fully functioning timepiece, all while allowing you to enjoy the original intent of the technology. There is a setting in the Nano that converts the homescreen into a digital clock. Thus making the appearance of a watch.

At only $24.99 (plus s&h), this is a great gift for anyone who owns an iPod Nano.

Buy them direct from the iWatchz website.


  • Anonymous

    WHHHHHATTTT!!!!??? Dude this is sick! Let Godfrey try and hate on this Appple tech! LMAOrollin!

  • Anonymous

    Cool idea… and I’m not going to say anything else.

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